What is a Weight Bench?


If you are into any kind of free weight exercises, whether it’s for bodybuilding or just toning your muscles, you might be looking at what a weight bench can do for you. A weight bench is a simple installation that is set up to help with free weight exercises. Some weight benches are just a horizontal bench with a padded seat, where users sit on top of the bench and use dumbbells to strengthen arms. However, lots of weight benches have an additional headrest element, as well as an auxiliary leg extension tool, so that users can do a greater variety of exercises with free weights.

Weight Bench Exercises

The weight bench can accommodate a lot of different weightlifting exercises. Some of them primarily work the upper body. Others work leg muscles and the lower body muscle groups. Lots of exercises also work the core muscles, like the abs, that help with overall balance and coordination.

A weight bench with a headrest can be useful in pursuing chest presses, where the user lies down and pushes a barbell up against gravity. A weight bench with a leg extender can be good for leg crunches, where the user puts a resistance load on the legs to firm up shins, calves and other leg areas.

In addition, the weight bench can be effective for seated bicep curls or other repetitions with free weight tools, usually smaller dumbbells. Lots of other free weight exercises are done, not on the bench, but in a standing position next to it. These include deadlifts, where the user raises a barbell from the ground, as well as lunges, where free weights add resistance.

Beware of Overloading

Always use calm, controlled motions when working out with free weights, and avoid overloading (trying to lift too much weight at once) which can lead to lots of different kinds of injuries. With larger weight loads of a weight bench you’ll want a “spotter,” another person to help if your muscles fail under the weight that you are lifting. Ask the resident trainer at your gym about the best ways to use a weight bench safely.

The proper use of a weight bench can really help you build up lots of the different muscle groups in your body. Some people who are on diets or pursuing weight loss fitness plans might think that weightlifting doesn’t play much of a role in their overall schedule. But if you think about it, getting your muscles to react to weights will help you when it comes to pursuing other activities that work out your heart and lungs. Your body is an integrated machine that needs all of its parts to function well for optimal performance, and that’s why so many dieters and workout enthusiasts add a free weight or fixed weight regimen to their gym or workout schedules.


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