What Is a Vibration Plate?

Russian scientists originally experimented by using the vibration plate to try and stop the loss in bone density and atrophy of the muscles experienced by cosmonauts. Their tests proved that they could indeed stop the loss and simultaneously stimulate an increase. Today, those interested in weight loss and building muscle use vibration plates as a fitness device.  Many athletes and celebrities are using these plates to achieve firm, sleek bodies. Using a vibration plate for a very short amount of time can give the same results as spending an hour in the gym doing traditional training.

Benefits of Using a Vibration Plate

Regardless of physical condition, a vibration plate is easily used by anyone. At the right frequency, most of the muscles can be tightened simultaneously through subconscious stretch reflexes. Conventional muscle training only accesses around 45% of the muscles at a time. Vibration therapy forces the body to achieve muscular and toning goals at a much faster and aggressive pace than other gym methods.

Looking beyond physical fitness advantages, vibration therapy may also assist in producing the hormones which repair and revitalize many of the bodies’ cells. Vibration plates ensure circulation throughout the muscles is enhanced as well as the reinforcement of the bone tissue.  Similarly, drainage of the lymph nodes is promoted through vibration therapy along with an increase in overall metabolic rate. An overall improvement in strength and speed in addition to flexibility and stamina can be realized with better post workout recovery. The quality and efficiency of your workout can be improved in less time than you would normally spend at the gym.


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    The vibration plate that you have explained in your post is beneficial for losing the extra weight. However, you must mention the caution that people must undertake to avoid dangers while exercising. The vibrations plates are not advisable for pregnant women or for people suffering from migraine. You must also mention the types of situation in which people can use them.