What Is a Typical Cardio Kickboxing Workout?

If you’re seeking a workout that combines high intensity cardio with sculpting moves, a cardio kickboxing workout is the perfect choice. Class formats are generally pretty structured, and you can expect to do similar moves in every class you take. A typical cardio kickboxing is anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes long and involves the following sections: a warm up, punches and arm exercises, cardio intervals, kicks and lower body exercises and a cool down. Don’t expect to learn a routine in kickboxing class. The workout is essentially a compilation of movements without any choreographing. Over the course of the class, you’ll work all the major muscle groups in your body, probably without even knowing it. To better understand, read about the class format below.

Warm Up

Standard for any fitness class, you’ll spend five to ten minutes warming up your body. Expect to do moves like punches and grapevines at a less intense level.

Punches and Arm Exercises

Most cardio kickboxing classes isolate upper body movements and lower body movements for some portion of the class. You’ll combine them at some point, but it’s typical to spend a good 10 minutes or so focusing on the basic boxing punches: jabs, crosses, hooks and upper cuts. This is done because kickboxing is all about form. There’s no point in swinging a punch if you don’t do it properly. That’s why repetition is important. If you’re new to kickboxing and the terminology, rest assured that the moves are easy to pick up.

Cardio Intervals

While you’re certainly getting a cardio workout from swinging punches, bursts of strictly cardiovascular activity will be included several times over the course of each class to get your heart rate up. Power squats, whereby you do a regular sitting squat and then jump into the air before doing another, are common, as are jumping jacks and jumping rope. The intervals are composed of common moves that most people have done before in an elementary gym class–they’re just sped up for ultimate results.

Kicks and Lower Body Exercises

Now that you’ve focused on your upper body, some attention needs to be given to the lower. You’ll spend a good 10 to 15 minutes working on various types of kicks including side kicks, roundhouse kicks, hitch kicks, front kicks and back kicks. If the terminology doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry! All the versions will be demonstrated, and you always have the option to take it at your own level. Kicks are an excellent way to sculpt your legs, back, rear and abs.

Cool Down

Again, a cool down is typical for any group fitness class. Since cardio kickboxing uses all the major muscle groups in your body, you’ll be taken through a series of stretches to prevent any muscle cramping after the class has ended.

Classes will vary from gym to gym, but you can expect to do a similar workout to what’s listed above no matter where you take class.


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