What Is a Stress Relief Massage?

If you listen to your body and what it needs, sometimes it will let you know that what you need is a stress relief massage. You might think that a massage is a massage, but the truth is there are many different types of massages, based on what your body is experiencing. The most common type of massage is a basic Swedish massage, and this is excellent for stress relief.

How Your Body Holds Stress

No matter who you are, you have undoubtedly had some type of stress in your life. When you experience stress on a regular basis and do nothing to relieve the stress, many things can start to occur within your body.

Although some people may experience stress as a pain in the neck area, and some people experience stress as a pain in the back area, the result is the same; pain. You may not even realize you are holding onto your stress until you start to feel pain or a general uncomfortable feeling in your body.

What Is a Stress Relief Massage?

When your body gets to the point of being in pain, it’s best to get some assistance in relieving the pain before it causes major illness. One way to get some relief is to get a stress relief massage.

A stress relief massage, often referred to as a Swedish massage, is a series of stroking, kneading, pushing, manipulating, rubbing and other types of pressure related movements to the body. This type of massage is meant as a natural healing technique for stressed bodies. A Swedish massage, when done correctly, will assist the body in healing itself.

How Does a Stress Relief Massage Work?

The Swedish massage technique works by generating increased blood flow to the areas that are massaged. The various stroking and rubbing movements that are utilized work to improve circulation, relieve muscle tension, ease pain, enhance relaxation and stimulate healing. So, not only does a stress relief massage work to relieve stress, it feels really good too.

Full Body or Focus Area Massage

When you get a Swedish massage for stress relief purposes, you can choose to get a full body massage or a massage that focuses intently on a certain area. A full body massage is a general purpose relaxing and stress relieving massage. This type of massage will treat your whole body to an overall sense of well-being.

A focused area massage is when the massage therapist only works on certain areas, or an area, of the body that is holding the most stress. For instance, you may choose to have the massage therapist focus entirely on your upper or lower back. Another popular focus area is the neck, as many people experience stress-related pain in the neck area.

No matter what type of massage you choose, it’s important to find a massage therapist that is educated and licensed and works well for you. Using stress relief massage as part of your regular body maintenance is a great step to wellness.


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