What Is a Strength Band?

Resistance training is one of the best ways to keep your body toned. A strength band can help you achieve a hard core resistance workout without having to use (or store) free weights or go to the gym. Strength band training can be done in the comfort of your own home, and transports easily for people who travel often.

What Is a Strength Band?

A strength band (or resistance band) comes in many different styles, but has the same basic structure. It is a long band (or tube) that is able to be stretched, allowing you to resist against the band and your own body weight to perform toning exercises. Just as a rubber band stretches, strength bands also stretch (with some effort), but are sturdy, allowing for effective resistance training without the risk of band breakage or snapping. Some bands have handles on the ends for an easier grip.

How to Use a Strength Band

Strength bands are used in many different types of workouts including strength training, Pilates and flexibility training. Many resistance workouts performed with free weights can also be done using a strength band. For example, the band can be wrapped around your legs (or feet) for added resistance during leg lifts or squats. It can also be used for upper body workouts by standing on the middle of the band and lifting the ends up with your arms. Strength bands can be used for bicep curls, triceps extensions or kickbacks, shoulder press, push-ups (wrap the band behind your back), and many more upper and lower body workouts.

How to Begin Strength Band Training

Basically any muscle group can be worked with a strength band (including abs), so be creative! Many workout videos (especially Pilates videos) use strength bands so try one out to get ideas for your workout or consult a trainer for additional ideas. The best part about a strength band workout is that it only requires one piece of equipment that is easy to store and transport!


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