What Is a Reflexology Massage?

Reflexology massage is an ancient form of a practice that originated in China over 5000 years ago.  It is a type of massage that involves the hands and the feet. It is believed that by massaging certain parts of the hands or feet, health issues can be eliminated.  Research has revealed a connection between this practice and health benefits. Reflexology massage is a growing trend that can assist patient’s who live a stress-filled lifestyle.

Hands and Feet

During this type of massage, the hands and feet of a person are rubbed. Why rub the hands and feet one might ask? In 1913, Dr.William Fitzgerald concluded that when he treated his patients with foot massage, other systems in their body would improve. This theory has evolved and been tested time and time again. Results have shown improvement in the ailment that the patient was suffering from.  Certain conclusions have been made over the successfulness of the treatment; one reveals it’s because there are thousands of nerve endings in a person’s hands and feet.  When deeply massaged, they affect other body systems.


There are many benefits to this type of massage. It provides complete relaxation, which promotes healing in the body. It reduces pain.  Researchers in Taiwain advised that this type of massage assisted in reducing fatigue and pain within a group of patients that had AIDs. It improves circulation and blood flow. It can reduce a person’s blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate.  It helps improve a person’s mental health. The stress of the day is wiped away and a person is completely relaxed after this therapy. This type of massage impacts disease and improves the body’s functions.

What to Expect

Do not fret over a reflexology massage appointment. It will last approximately thirty to sixty minutes. The first appointment will be the longest. Initially, the therapist will collect a complete medical history on the patient. This will assist the therapist in determining the part of the foot or hand that they would like to concentrate on. The patient will sit in a reclining chair. The therapist will use pressure, stretch and movement on the foot or hand to massage it.  There are no oils, creams or equipment used during these sessions. The therapist just uses their hands. The patient will feel completely relaxed by the end of the appointment. To reach maximum success, the patient will most likely require a few sessions of the massage therapy.

Stress Cues

The therapist can determine a good starting focal point for the massage by taking a look at the stress cues a person may exhibit. A stress cue is a visible spot on the foot or hand such as a callous, bunion or knobby toes.  By observing these spots, treatment can be focused on problem areas.

Reflexology massage is a growing trend in the United States.  Many people are under a great deal of stress in today’s fast paced world.  Reflexology massage can assist with managing life, as well as improve general health.  It has been known to diminish pain, headaches and fatigue.  At the end of a session, the patient will feel relaxed and rested.  This type of massage appears to be good for one’s body.


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