What is a Reebok Core Board?

The Reebok core board is a new kind of fitness tool that helps users to train various muscle groups, including the core muscles that you use for balance and overall weight bearing. The Reebok core board offers a kind of full body workout focused on both upper body and lower body muscles, as well as the core muscles. You may have heard of the idea of strengthening your core from trainers, magazines or even promotions for other machines like ab crunchers. The abs are actually an important core muscle group, and you might find it helpful to use the abs as an example of core strength benefits. As you exercise your abs and core, you are likely to slim down in critical spots, but you are also gaining additional strength that your whole body can use when you want to “ramp up” an existing cardio workout and go further, faster.

How Does it Work?

The Reebok core board works according to the principle of applied resistance. This fitness tool consists of a wide platform with a flexible pivot underneath. A “recoil” action works against the user. When you put pressure on part of the board, it responds with resistance. Users can also use resistance bands attached to the machine to work more muscle groups. The fact that the top plate tilts in all directions makes this a versatile tool for creating balance challenges and pushing your fitness progress daily. A platform more than two feet wide accommodates different stances for upper body and lower body access to the core board.

Reebok Core Board Exercises

The makers of this portable fitness machine provide a long list of exercises that can be done with the Reebok core board. Some basic ones are varieties of lunges, where users can utilize the resistance of the board against leg muscles while holding weight to challenge the upper body, as well as push ups. Push ups can be done with the arms or legs on the board to provide different kinds of resistance with this classic physical fitness activity.

In other exercises, users stand on the Reebok core board and exert pressure, triggering resistance which would challenge the core muscles and lead to improved grace, dexterity, poise and overall body capacity. There are also other exercises that might benefit from the integration of the Reebok core board, such as obliques and twists. In order to be safe on the core board, you should be careful to maintain balance and work up to more intense challenges, and also figure out how to safely roll off to one side when you have to.

Benefits of the Reebok Core Board

This fitness aid is relatively portable, something that you can take anywhere you are likely to find time to work out. The cost is around $200, which is less than some other fitness machines out on the market. If you are looking for unique ways to train your muscle groups, think about this option for getting renewed upper body and lower body strength.


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