What Is a Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic massage (also known as manual lymphatic drainage or lymph drainage therapy) helps the body with the flow of lymph, a fluid within the body that is vital the immune system because it aids in flushing out toxins and other foreign substances, such as viruses.

It accomplishes this by traveling all over the body through the lymphatic system. As it detects toxins of foreign substances in your body, it produces white blood cells to help fight off the infections. Over time, the lymphatic system can become blocked or sluggish, and since it does not have a central portion of the system that promotes the flow of lymph, such as the heart does for the circulatory system, a lymphatic massage can help jump start the lymphatic system when it becomes sluggish.

Advantages of Lymphatic Massage

Because lymphatic massage increases the flow of lymph and gives your immune system a boost, it has a number of advantages:

  • Lymphatic massage aids in the removal of blockages in your lymphatic system by reducing swelling. This enables lymph easier access to flow through your body.
  • Lymphatic massage also helps remove toxins and other foreign substances from your body by stimulating the fluids in your body that help flush these toxins from your system.
  • Lymphatic massage stimulates the immune system and encourages the production of additional white blood cells whenever infection or sickness is detected.
  • Lymphatic massage enhances skin quality by allowing skin cells an adequate flow of lymph to give them a healthy glow.
  • Repeated lymphatic massages during an injury can speed up the recovery process by keeping tissue healthy.
  • Lymphatic massage reduces scarring by promoting healthy circulation and immunity.

Disadvantages of Lymphatic Massages

Like any medical treatment, lymphatic massage has disadvantages or is unsuitable for people with certain conditions. A few of the disadvantages of a lymphatic massage are shown below:

  • Lymphatic massage can help spread infection if one is given while the patient has an infection.
  • Tumors can also be complicated by the use of a lymphatic massage.
  • For those with clotting or heart conditions, a lymphatic massage could make those conditions worse.

For these reasons, it’s always important to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a lymphatic massage with your health care professional.


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