What is a Hamstring Curl Machine?


The hamstring curl or leg curl machine is a specific kind of machine that targets the hamstring muscles in the upper leg. The hamstring curl machine is one of many fixed weight machines that are usually put into gyms and health clubs around the world. This is a very specific machine for lower body work that users generally combine with many other machines for upper body and lower body muscle training, as well as development of some core muscle groups.

The Hamstring Curl Machine: How it Works

In the conventional hamstring curl or leg curl machine, the user lies face down on a bench. At the lower end of the bench, there is a separate leg lock component. The legs go underneath the leg lock. Generally, the user adjusts the weight or resistance load with a pin that goes between different weight plates. These plates are attached by cables to the leg lock, so that the weight works evenly against the leg muscles.

Exercises for the Hamstring Curl Machine

The main exercise that users do on the hamstring curl machine is a simple leg raise. Start with your legs below the leg lock, and slowly generate pressure on the padded arm. As you lift the leg lock upward, you will feel corresponding pressure on your legs as the hamstring muscles work.

Variations of the Hamstring Curl Machine

The regular kind of hamstring curl machine, where the user lies face down on the bench, is not the only kind of hamstring curl fixed weight option out there. You may also see a seated hamstring curl machine where the leg lock goes in the opposite direction. You may also see newer hamstring curl machine installations that use free resistance bands instead of fixed weights, where a standing hamstring curl machine lets the user develop one leg at a time. Actually, you can also do single leg raises with the conventional machine, or use both legs at the same time to work them evenly. Find the leg curl routines that work for you to really get toned in the upper leg area.

Fitting the Hamstring Curl Machine Into Your Schedule

If you ask your trainer about using the hamstring curl machine, he or she will probably tell you to pick out a few different fixed weight or resistance band stations and use them to work a variety of muscles. Do this, and you will feel your overall body capacity increasing, which will help you handle other challenges, such as the cardio training you may do on a regular basis. Think about fitting a variety of machines, including the hamstring curl machine, into an overall fitness schedule that you can handle on the days that you visit your gym. Always proceed carefully to limit your risk of injury, and find experienced staff to ask questions when necessary. With the proper care and caution, you’ll soon be a pro at everything on the weight training floor.



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