What is a Door Anchor?

A door anchor is a neat gadget which can be used with your stretch bands or tubes, to allow you to do a wider range of exercises. It easily attaches to any closing door, allowing you to attach your workout bands and tubing for some great resistance exercises. These exercises are similar to those which you can do on big expensive workout machines, and will target all your muscles in your lower and upper body. 

How Does the Door Anchor Work?

It has a loop on one end and a soft foam on the other. Simply take the soft foam and place it in a doorway and close the door on it. Then, take your resistance band and thread it through the loop of the door anchor until the loop is in the center of the band. Now you are ready to attach your handles or ankle straps to the band and begin your exercises.

The door anchor can be placed securely anywhere in the door jam, whether on top, center or towards the bottom. This allows you to do over 140 exercises to target all your muscles in your body including your back, shoulders, abs, arms and legs. These exercises can be used in combination with an exercise ball; you can sit, kneel or lay down on the floor to help you target all areas.

Is It Safe?

The door anchor is safe and secure and will not harm your door in any way when attached correctly. For extra security, use a closet door or a door with a lock to prevent others from opening the door from the other side.

A door anchor does not take up much space, making it perfect for traveling, living in a small apartment, or to taking it with you to the gym.


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