What is a Barbell?

A barbell is an instrument used in weight training to build muscle mass and strength. Weighted disks or plates are slid onto a bar, which can be between four and seven feet long. This bar is usually about an inch in diameter and is textured with a crosshatch design to ensure lifters do not lose their grip. A collar can be used to secure the disks in place, although some choose to allow the disks to rotate freely for more intense strength building. There are a few things to take into consideration before using barbells in your exercise program.


Before you begin each training session, always warm your muscles up for five to ten minutes. Start with a reasonable amount of weight on the barbell and add to it gradually as your strength increases. Keep your movements slow and steady to maintain resistance on your targeted muscles. Breathe through the workout and don’t overdo it. Never work through pain, especially if the pain is sharp or swelling is present.            

Building Strength

Weight resistance on the barbell should tire you after 12 repetitions. By the time you reach your twelfth repetition, your arms should be struggling to finish the lift. Working through one set of repetitions three times a week can improve overall health. If you’re new to weight training with barbells, consider getting a professional trainer to help you establish an appropriate exercise routine. There are many different types of barbell exercises which target specific muscle groups, and a trainer will explain which ones will work best for you.

Losing Weight

Weight training will aid in weight loss because stronger muscles burn calories more effectively. Weight training, along with some basic cardio exercises, will strengthen your heart and burn calories at a faster pace. For the average person, using barbells will build strong bones and control weight issues. It has also been proven to reduce symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, chronic pain, osteoporosis and even depression.


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