What is a Back Extension Rack?

A back extension rack is a type of fitness equipment that helps you to develop the muscles in your lower back and torso. It also enables you to develop secondary muscles, such as hamstrings and glutes. 

How to Choose the Right Back Extension Rack

When choosing the right back extension rack equipment for you, be sure to select the proper height. This measurement primarily depends upon your height and body type. It is very important because your back muscles are quite sensitive. Similarly, you should also ensure that support pads, included with the equipment, are at a level or height equaling your pelvis region. 

Using the Back Extension Rack

To use the back extension rack, you should establish the correct position before you start exercising. You can establish the correct position by standing within the rack by placing your feet in the footrest region. Your angle should be such that you’re tilted towards the support pads and your line of sight should be directed towards the floor. 

Most Common Exercise

Once you select the correct height level and positioning, it is time to move on to the actual exercise. Once in position, you should start by slowly moving your hips downwards in the direction of the floor. As you move downwards, it is important to keep inhaling slowly. Then, slowly start exhaling as you move your body upwards. You will feel your back muscles being put to use while performing the latter portion of the exercise. You should repeat this exercise continuously for 15-20 reps. Once you’ve mastered your form, start adding weight discs or dumbbells in order to further augment the development of your back and torso muscles. 

Cross Over Back Extension Exercise

First, place your support pads in front of your stomach muscles. Then cross your arms across your chest and roll yourself in an upright position. Roll downward and complete this routine for about 10-15 repetitions. If your back isn’t strong enough to accommodate 10-15 repetitions, you should start with a few reps and build your way up to 10-15 repetitions. This exercise is another great workout for your lower back and torso. 

Important Muscles Targeted

While it is clear that the back extension racks help you to target your lower back and torso, they also have a significantly positive muscle-building impact on secondary muscles, such as your hamstrings and glutes. Back extension rack exercises also allow you to target your mid-back and abdominal muscles. 


Since this exercise machine primarily involves using your back muscles, it is important that you are very careful in order to avoid damaging your back. In essence, you should conduct your movements slowly, and in a controlled manner. Any bursts of movement can damage your lower back muscles. You should also stop if you feel any sort of pain within any region of your back. Lastly, make sure that your back and spine are completely straight while working out. Any other positioning can easily damage your back and result in injury.

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