What Does a Nutrition Coach Do?

Eating can take an emotional toll on our minds and bodies, so often we turn to a nutrition coach to help us figure things out. Nutrition coaches are certified diet and nutrition specialists trained in various areas from fitness nutrition, eating disorders, emotional eating, obesity and more. Hiring a nutrition coach is a good step toward meeting and maintaining your health and fitness goals. Before you pick up the phone, learn what a nutrition coach does and how one can help you with your dietary needs.

Nutrition Services

Your body cannot properly function without the right balance of nutrients. Your nutrition coach will provide you the knowledge and tools to help you properly nourish your body. Not only will you learn the right combination of foods to put into your body, but also how to avoid harmful processed foods – especially those often sold as ‘health foods.’

If you hire the right diet expert, you will get a custom plan designed to fit your needs. Your coach will assess your nutrition deficiency, your overall health and your medical history, and talk with you about your goals when designing your plan. You will also receive periodic observances and alterations in your diet plan when adjustments are needed.

Types of Nutrition Coaches

Many different fields in the health and fitness industry take interest in nutrition certification. Nutritionists can either take a basic certification course through a reputable program, or earn advanced degrees in dietics and nutrition from universities. Typically, every nutritional expert has a special field of interest. Weight loss, fitness, sports nutrition, obesity, eating disorders and disease prevention are just a few areas that nutritionists study. 

Diet Coaching 101

You understand what you need to eat to be healthy. A nutritionist takes it one step further by teaching you why you need certain nutrients and how they work with your body to sustain energy and vitality, and to prevent disease. Your coach will help you pair foods that work well together, time your meals and understand how certain foods help your body function properly. 

When you consult with a diet coach, he will create a plan for you to follow day-by-day based on your specific needs. He will take into account any medical needs, certain health conditions and whether you are training for an event such as a marathon or sports game. Your diet coach will help you learn how to balance your macronutrients to allow your body the maximum intake of nutrients per meal to fuel your body. 


When searching for a nutrition coach, find someone who either has an degree from a university or a reputable certification. Talk to several coaches before deciding on your match. Fit their qualifications with your needs and get references from other clients. Get to know the different types of nutritionist certifications and which ones are most reputable. 

Remember that pricing isn’t everything. The most expensive coach isn’t always the best. You want a nutrition expert who takes a comprehensive approach to your diet goals. See if your coach will offer a free consultation and evaluation before you decide to go with his plan. If not, then you may want to consider looking elsewhere. 


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