What Could Be Causing Your Double Chin?

A double chin be very unpleasant to deal with. It can make you feel overweight, old or unattractive. But what could be causing your double chin? It’s quite important to know the causes of your double chin so you can address it accordingly.


There is a chance that your double chin could be caused by hereditary factors. Just like the color of your eyes or hair, your double chin could be a result of your genetics. Take a look at the other members of your family and see if they also have double chins. If many of your family members have double chins then chances are that your condition is caused by genetics. Genetics can affect your fat storage and the rate of your water retention – two factors that can affect the formation of a double chin. Your family’s eating habits can also play a role. If you were raised on a poor diet then this acquired eating behavior may be the reason behind your double chin. When your double chin is caused by genetics, it’s easy to feel that there is nothing you can do about it. Fortunately, this is not the case. Even if you are predisposed to develop a double chin, your lifestyle choices can help you remove this physical condition.


If you’re like many people then your double chin can also be a simple consequence of aging. Skin loosening and muscle loss are normal effects of aging. You were probably not unaware of it, but your chin has some muscles too. When these muscles begin to slacken, your risk of developing a double chin increases. The situation is worsened when your skin loses its tautness and elasticity.

Excess Weight

Perhaps the most common cause of a double chin is simply excess weight or excess body fat. If you are overweight or obese, it’s only natural to expect that you will develop a double chin as well. However, just because you are not extremely overweight doesn’t mean you are completely safe from a double chin. When you continue to eat a fatty diet and lead a lifestyle that lacks exercise, your face or chin could be one of the first areas where your body will store fat. If your excess weight is the cause of your double chin, you can get rid of it by getting rid of your extra weight.

Getting Rid of Your Double Chin

Genetics, age and excess weight can all contribute to your double chin, but there are some things you can do if you want to keep a taut and slender chin. Naturally, you will need to keep excess weight at bay by watching your diet and engaging in plenty of exercise. Aside from a healthy lifestyle, there are also some chin exercises that you can do to keep your chin and face in good shape. For an easy exercise, tilt your head back and raise your chin, then lower your head and repeat. Next, move your mouth in a chewing motion until you feel your chin muscles getting stretched.


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