What Are Muscle Stimulators?

EMS, or electrical muscle stimulators, are devices that use an electrical current to stimulate the muscles. This device is mainly used to repair muscles and tissues and help to stop muscles from atrophy. Athletes use muscle stimulators because these devices help the muscles to repair and heal in a shorter amount of time. This device is common in sports rehabilitation centers.

Electrodes are placed onto the skin near the affected muscles. An adhesive holds the electrodes in place. A current is sent through the electrodes, causing the muscle to contract and then relax. This is done to mimic what would happen during a regular exercise session.


The voltage on a muscle stimulator can be adjusted for different muscle groups.  A low voltage is typically used because the lower voltage helps to reduce pain and will stimulate muscle tissue. This voltage will also help to stimulate muscles that are not affected in regular exercise. By stimulating these muscles, they will aid the affected muscles and help bring recovery that much faster.


This is a lightweight machine that is battery-operated and is easy to transport.  This machine makes the rehabilitation process less painful and will make the process happen faster. This machine is great to help prevent muscle atrophy, which is when the muscle begins to waste away.  Electrical muscle stimulators are great to maintain the strength of the muscle.

Professional Assistance

This device should be used by a professional to be sure it is used correctly. They will know where to place the electrodes and can make sure the proper muscles and fibers are being worked on. This will make sure that the process is done in a positive way and no further damage is being done.

An EMS machine is a great device to be used to aid in the repair and rehabilitation of a muscle injury. The process will be faster and the affected muscle will have a healthier outcome.


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