What are Marcona Almonds?

Marcona almonds are a special variety of almonds that are popular in Spain and other Mediterranean countries. These are different from the conventional almonds that you may be used to finding on U.S. supermarket shelves. Marcona almonds are shorter and rounder than other varieties. They have a sweeter taste, and their texture is uniquely soft. Marcona almonds are light colored almonds with a shriveled, sun-dried look.

Nutrition of Marcona Almonds

Like many other kinds of nuts, marcona almonds have a good deal of protein. There are about 6g of protein in a one-ounce serving of marcona almonds. That same serving includes 180 calories and 17 grams of fat, according to nutritional estimates. This means that marcona almonds are a source of fuel for the body, but not one of your leaner foods. Although adding nuts to your diet is still an improvement over a lot of the fatty and processed foods in other supermarket aisles.

Traditional Uses of Marcona Almonds

In Spanish cuisine these specialty almonds are often lightly fried in oil, releasing some of their unique flavor and giving them an appealing texture. These almonds may be served as “tapas,” the popular small plate fare often served in Spanish communities from Catalunya to Andalucia. Another main use of marcona almonds is in a dessert called the “turron,” which is a block of compressed egg-based product with similarities to marzipan, a popular element in shaped sweets that you would find in the windows of gourmet bakeries.

Getting Marcona Almonds into Your Diet

If you are looking to benefit from buying different kinds of specialty nuts and legumes, you may be able to find marcona almonds in your area. It’s a good bet that you’re not willing to whip up your own turrones, but you can go the traditional way and fry up some marcona almonds for a snack. Marcona almonds are great for an on-the-go dieter, because, like other kinds of nuts, they keep well during the day and can easily be eaten at your desk, out in the field or wherever else you happen to be.

If you are trying to reinvent your dinner plate or daily meal schedule to include more healthy foods, think about using marcona almonds or other nuts to get your daily protein. You’ll want to round out your diet list with fresh greens as well as fruits and vegetables, since fresh produce offers a lot of the best health benefits available to your body. You may want to also look at what you drink, as replacing the daily coffee and soda with natural teas can have quite an impact on your overall health. Keep looking at diet options that will combine taste and appeal with effective health boosting and slimming nutrition, and you’ll have a good chance at finding  healthy foods that work for your taste buds.


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