What are Dumbbells?

Dumbbells are hand weights used for weight training and muscle strengthening. They are considered free weights because the user is not constrained to a machine or bench. You can use them at the office, in the car or in your living room. These hand weights have a weight at each end, similar to a barbell, only the device is much smaller. 


Not only do dumbbells strengthen your muscles, but they also assist in maintaining good posture and balance. The free standing movement requires you to use stabilizing muscles which are important in strength training. Your confidence will soar as your muscles become toned and fat disappears. Your metabolism will increase, thus improving your sleeping habits and overall health. Bone strength will protect you from breaks and sprains, as well as diseases like osteoporosis.

Getting Started

As with any type of exercise program, it is a good idea to consult with a doctor or professional trainer before beginning. Start each session with a body warm-up to wake your muscles up. Studies have shown that lifting lighter weights may be just as effective as lifting heavy weights. You just have to do enough repetitions that your muscles feel tired. This is good news for those who don’t have time to go to the gym. There are different methods of dumbbell exercises which target specific muscle groups.

Types of Dumbbells

There are many types of dumbbells. You can even buy adjustable dumbbells in which the weight can be increased or decreased by twisting the bar. There are aquabells which can be filled with water, then completely deflated when not being used. Other more traditional styles can be found in solid metal or with plastic coating. Consider comfort, weight and durability when choosing a dumbbell for your workout.


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