Wendy’s Nutritional Info: The Pros and Cons

If you are watching your weight and health, but don’t want to give up all the convenience and fun of fast food, learning about Wendy’s nutritional facts will help you make good choices. With all of the information available now about the damage that can happen when unhealthy fast food is consumed on a regular basis, it’s more important than ever to choose wisely.

Pro – Baked Potato

Wendy’s is the only big chain fast food restaurant that serves baked potatoes. That is a smart move for them and a great option for you. A baked potato with skin left on, one ounce of Wendy’s butter spread and no salt added is a great source of fiber, protein, potassium and vitamin C.

Con – French fries

It’s no surprise that French fries are on the list of cons. Even if French fries were deep fried in ‘good’ oil, they are still deep fried. The calories, saturated fat content and sodium that are contained in deep fried French fries are definitely not a healthy choice.

Pro – Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Wendy’s offers a grilled chicken sandwich that is a good option for adding protein but not a lot of fat. The wrapped grilled chicken sandwich is another great choice and has less sodium than the traditional grilled sandwich on a bun. The chicken wrap also has less cholesterol, a good thing to stay aware of.

Con – Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Much the same as with the French fries, the crispy chicken sandwich is a deep fried option with almost twice as many calories and fat as the grilled chicken sandwich. The crispy chicken sandwich also has an exorbitant amount of sodium. The content of saturated fat and carbohydrates does not bode well either. If you opt for adding mayonnaise to this sandwich it becomes an even worse choice.

Pro – Side salad

A lot of fast food eateries offer a side salad option and Wendy’s is no exception. A salad is hardly ever a poor choice as a side dish, unless you douse it with fatty dressing or croutons. Eating a side salad with the vegetables and low fat dressing is an all-around good choice, and you will reap the benefits of the vitamins and fibers.

Con – Caesar side salad

Unfortunately, not all side salads are created equal and, in this case, a Caesar side salad is not the best option. A Caesar salad is high in calories and fat content. It’s because of the croutons and Caesar dressing, but if you take those away it becomes just another ordinary salad anyway. So do yourself a favor and just order the side salad to begin with.

Pro – Iced Tea

If you are going to order a drink at Wendy’s, make it an iced tea. Along with being refreshing, iced tea has some health benefits as well.

Con – Frosty

Wendy’s is best known for its yummy frosty’s. Unfortunately, no matter what type of Frosty you opt for, it will have so many calories and so much sugar, the yummy factor just isn’t worth it.

Some of the other Wendy’s nutritional values are a matter of common sense. Opt for mandarin oranges in your child’s meal and a dry burger instead of fried chicken nuggets and French fries. And, order chili for yourself instead of a double burger.


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