Wendy's Nutrition: Hurried Food That Won't Hurt You

Fast food like Wendy’s and Taco Bell typically isn’t healthy, but with the demand rising, Wendy’s nutrition additions to the menu are also on the rise. With some basic guidelines, you can get a quick meal at Wendy’s, or many other drive thru’s, without ruining your diet or your health!

Skip the Fried Food

It’s not a news flash that fried fast food is high in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. That means steering clear of not only french fries and hamburgers, but also the salads with fried chicken strips. At Wendy’s, you can opt for the salads with grilled chicken instead, or just go vegetarian.

Beware of High Fat Condiments

A little ketchup and mustard on your fast food sandwich is no big deal, but stay away from the full fat mayo, cheeses, and sugary dipping sauces that offer little nutrition (but a lot of fat and calories). The chili is a better option, offering protein and vegetables, with a lower amount of fat, sugar, and calories.

Just Drink Water

There is no nutritional value in Wendy’s sodas, and only a small amount of calcium in the Frosty, so if you’re not interested in drinking their unsweetened tea or coffee–water is the healthy way to go!

Pass on the Buns

Wendy’s offers no whole grain breads, pitas, or buns. So going breadless is the best choice, but if you’re opting for a sandwich and need some bread, try just a top or a bottom, and reduce your white flour intake by half.

Hold the Salt

Most fast food establishments over-salt their food. Whenever possible, ask for unsalted versions of the selections you order, and use your own salt packet to control your added intake better. A plain baked potato with a few added vegetables is a low fat, low sodium alternative to french fries.

A note to you fast food fans–not all fast food is created equal! You need to be choosey and critical when visiting your favorite fast food joits, whether its Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, KFC or Arby’s, to make sure that your selections are as healthful as they are tasty!


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  • Robert

    According to Wendy’s Nutrition Info, A medium Chocolate Frosty contains 45% of the RDA for calcium. That is a substantial amount, though the sugar and fat content is too high.

    Everyone should check the nutritional content of items themselves to assure accuracy of the information presented.


  • Robert

    Sorry, the above link shows the Nutritional Info for 2 Frosty’s.
    Correct link is below.