Weight Watchers Smart Ones Dragon Shrimp Lo Mein

weight watchers smart ones dragon shrimp lo meinWe love trying new foods, and it’s not often that one of the big 3 frozen dinner companies introduces a new variety. Weight Watchers new Dragon Shrimp Lo Mein sounded too good to pass up! This new dish is low in fat and calories, and high on flavor. However, we found that ours was also missing something else very important.

We cooked the frozen dinner in the microwave as instructed on the package, then carefully plated it onto a beautiful red dish. Actually it’s a saucer, so don’t get too excited by the edge to edge presentation in our photo 🙂 The noodles seemed perfectly done and had just enough sauce on them. The mixture was loaded with crunchy water chestnuts, which were a nice contrast to the noodles and sweet sauce. True to the photo, there were exactly 3 sugar snap peas in our dish. The meal tasted pretty good, and it was filling enough. weight watchers smart ones dragon shrimp lo mein

What’s wrong with this picture? If you haven’t noticed, our Dragon Shrimp Lo Mein is missing the shrimp. We had a huge helping of water chestnuts, but zero shrimp. Three sugar snap peas, zero shrimp. Our cluck has quickly turned into a squawk! Shame on quality control for letting this one out the door.

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Dragon Shrimp Lo Mein contains 240 calories, 4 grams fat, 3 grams fiber, and 5 WW points. Protein is listed at 14 grams, but that may depend on the presence of shrimp 🙂 What’s in your box?


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  • San Web

    I did enjoy this meal and actually had three small shrimp. the flavor was good it could have been a little larger but i will try it again.

  • Jan K

    This is one of my favorite Smart Ones! Mine has never been without shrimp, though there are usually very few…as with the sugar snap peas. This one might have been one in a million that escaped without the shrimp? None the less, the flavor (from the sauce and the crunchy chestnuts) usually satisfies my craving for chinese…with or without the shrimp!

  • Danielle

    When I tried this product not too long ago I think there were maybe 3 shrimp in my entree, so I guess you’re not missing much. I found it to be tasty but way too small and there’s no reason why they couldn’t through some extra veggies in there for a little more substance ( Mine didn’t have more then 2-3 snap peas as well).

  • Toni

    This entree was gross-tasting. Won’t ever buy this again. Very few shrimp and sauce too sweet.

  • Aphil

    I tried this…and mine had shrimp. ha ha It had a handful of shrimp-I would say 4 or so, and it was pretty decent tasting.

    However, if I am having a really bad craving for the chinese buffet-my favorites are either the Lean Cuisine Egg Roll meal or the Healthy Choice Steamers General Tso’s chicken!

  • Robyn

    i didn’t like the shrimp in it.I grabbed it by mistake.

  • MommyonaMission

    Today I had “Chicken Mirabella”—except they forgot the chicken! Sounds like a quality control issue; don’t they realize that fat chicks need protien, too?

    Still, they are both yummy!

  • Lillian

    I had this last night. it was pretty tasty. mine had about 5 small shrimp, which i was fine with, but i think there should have been a lot more snap peas and carrots.

  • Lindsay

    I didn’t have a single shrimp in mine either! I was VERY disappointed!

  • Jen

    i tried this product also and it was pretty good but like everyone else says i had only like 2 to 3 shrimp and also very few snap peas. but it did taste good

  • Kikilia

    I’ve never tried this- but have tried Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine Garlic Lemon shrimp…. wonderful and more than just 3 shrimp in it. Certainly cleared my craving for Chinese lo-mein

  • seaoats

    I also tried the Weight Watchers Smart Ones Dragon Shrimp Lo Mein. I had 3 small shrimp and 1 snap pea! I actually thought it was pretty bland and will not try it again.

  • Quinnie

    OMG! I bought this a few weeks ago and my meal had no shrimp as well! I was so frustrated i called Weight Watchers to complain and they sent me a few free coupons.
    I know that probably seems petty but when you are in the middle of eating smaller portions and are hungry as heck, discovering that your meal has NO protein kind of sends you over the edge…

  • Cheryl E

    I was missing the shrimp in my meal as well. I called the 1-800 number (located on the box) to lodge my complaint and they are sending coupons for the inconvenience. They were very apologetic on the phone. Nothing like good customer service!

  • Susan U

    Had absolutely NO shrimp in mine. Plenty of snap peas and abundance of water chestnuts (which is good), but NO shrimp at all.

  • Jess

    I’ve tried this meal not once but twice andI have to say I HATED it both times!It didn’t have much of anything in the way of shrimp but it seemed to have a SUPER fishy taste to it! I would have to give it a -1! which is sad because it is the only smart ones that I don’t like!

  • Marianne Greatens

    I tried the SMART ONES ChickenEnchiladas Monterry. Worst thing I ever ate. No chicken in it and rthe rest was just as bad. Change the picture on front of package very decieving.

  • PearlforGod

    I liked this product and usually it has three to four small shrimp included. Since Jan 2011 i have not have not been able to find it in any stores. Does anyone know for certain, if it has been pulled from the market? It was the only Smart One’s product I really cared to eat. Thanks,