Weight Plate Exercises: Weight Plate Step-Up Knee Drives

A weight plate is an excellent tool that you can use for a wide variety of gym exercises. Weight plates are rounded discs that are made out of metal and are set up according to weight and size. The larger the plate, the heavier that it is, in most cases. Most weight plates have a hole in the middle so that they can be attached to a barbell or another device, which makes them even more versatile.

Many basic exercisees can be enhanced and intensified by adding in a weight plate. All that you’ll need to do for these exercises is to hold the weight plate in one or both hands as you complete the exercise. This forces you to lift or move a heavier amount of weight and helps to strengthen your muscles. The weight plate step-up knee drive is a great exercise for building all of the different muscle groups in your legs, as well as the core muscles.

1. Exercise Basics

The basic positioning of this exercise requires that you stand so that you’re facing an exercise bench. Hold the appropriate weight plate with both arms crossed in front of your chest or, if you will need your arms to balance, hold a lighter plate in each hand and extend your arms slightly at your sides. The exercise bench should be at approximately knee level.

To do the exercise itself, you’ll need to first step one leg up onto the bench. As you do so, it’s a good idea to monitor your breathing and be sure that you’re breathing deeply throughout the remainder of the exercise. Instead of planting your second foot on the bench, lift up your other knee and draw it up and away from your body as far as possible to complete the “knee drive” portion of the exercise. Rather than place your lifted leg on the bench, step it carefully back down onto the ground, then bring your planted foot back down to the ground as well. This is one repetition.

2. Safety and Injury Prevention

In order to be sure that you don’t injure yourself as you complete this exercise, it’s important that you work very carefully to monitor where you step. This is especially true as you step back from the bench down to the ground. It’s helpful to practice the motions of the exercise without holding a weight plate first. Be sure that you stretch carefully both before and after you exercise.

3. Intensifying the Exercise

If you’re looking to intensify the exercise, you can increase the amount of weight that you hold. You can also switch off which leg you complete the knee drive with, as this helps to work out both sets of leg muscles more equally. Finally, consider raising the height of the weight bench if you feel completely comfortable with the exercise and are looking for more of a challenge.


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