Weight Plate Exercises: Trunk Twist

A weight plate is a great piece of exercise equipment to keep handy around the home. This piece of equipment is a rounded metal weight that can fit over barbells or can be held by itself. It can be adopted into a wide variety of different exercises to help you to better improve your overall fitness and your musculature. Best of all, a set of weight plates is compact and can be stored in even small living spaces.

One of the best exercises to do with a weight plate is a trunk twist. Typically, this exercise is done with an exercise bench, although it can also be modified to be done on the ground or on a workout mat. The real benefit of this particular exercise is that it will help to build up your abs. Done with certain modifications, it can also develop other core muscles in your back as well, and may even benefit your hamstrings and other leg muscles.

1. Exercise Basics

To begin to do the trunk twist exercise, you should position yourself at the edge of your adjustable exercise bench. Hold the weight plate in your arms and clutch it to your chest. Lean back slightly so that your shoulders are tilted somewhat backward toward the exercise bench. Cross your ankles in front of you and hold them up off of the ground so that you’re properly balanced. This is the resting position for the exercise; you should not lower your legs in between repetitions of the exercise in order to gain the maximum benefit.

To execute the exercise itself, you should first hold the weight plate out in front of your body. Lift it up from your chest by gripping it in both hands like the steering wheel of a car. Hold the plate about one foot in front of you so that you aren’t stretching your arms out all the way. Next, twist your trunk to the right while holding your arms in place. Your arms should not move, and your hips and lower body should remain stationary as you twist from your core. Move as far as is comfortable and then return to the resting position; this constitutes a single repetition of the exercise.

2. Safety and Injury Prevention

The most common reason for people being injured as a result of the trunk twist is using weight that is too heavy. Begin with a light weight and work your way up gradually as you become comfortable with the exercise. Be sure to breathe deeply and regularly as you exercise, and always stretch before and after you exercise.

3. Modifications

For a full set of benefits, twist to both sides in order to work all of your core muscles. You can also add a press to the exercise by twisting to one side and then pressing the weight plate outward from your trunk at that point. This incorporates the arm muscles into the exercise as well, further increasing the number of muscle groups that are worked.


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