Weight Plate Exercises: Bosu Woodchops

A bosu is a piece of exercise equipment that is helpful in training you in balancing skills. The bosu is designed like the top portion of an exercise ball, which has been cut off and attached to a flat base. The bosu is a great addition to any exercise program, as it can help to intensify virtually any free weights exercise.

One of the best exercises to do on the bosu is the woodchop with a weight plate. The woodchop exercise is a medium to advanced exercise that helps to build up your arm strength, shoulder muscles and pectorals. This excellent exercise is made all the more challenging by performing it atop of a bosu.

1. Exercise Basics

The basic positioning of this exercise requires that you place the bosu on the ground so that it’s resting on the flat base. Holding an appropriately weighted plate in your hands, you should stand on the rounded, soft part of the bosu with both feet. Keep your feet as far apart as possible while remaining on top of the bosu. Hold the weight such that your hands are on opposite sides, as if you’re grabbing a steering wheel in a car. Position the weight so that it’s above your right shoulder, with your arms bent as if you’re holding an axe. This is the resting position of the exercise.

To execute the exercise itself, hold the weight firmly in your hands and tuck in your stomach. In a slow, steady motion, bring the weight down diagonally across your body so that it comes to rest to the left of your left leg. Raise the weight plate up so that it’s above your left shoulder, then repeat the motion to bring the weight down diagonally across your body until it ends to the right of your right leg. This constitutes a single repetition of the woodchop.

2. Safety and Injury Prevention

In order to execute this exercise safely, it’s important that you be sure that you’ve familiarized yourself with the mechanics of the woodchop before you attempt to do the exercise on a bosu. Practice until you’ve mastered the motions before you attempt to add in the balance challenge as well. Be sure to breathe regularly and deeply as you work out, and it’s important also to stretch before and after you complete the exercise as well.

3. Modifications

If you’re looking to make the exercise more intense, there are a few good ways to go about doing this. First, you can intensify the exercise by adding arm band weights to your upper arms. You can also increase the number of repetitions and sets that you do as well. Finally, you can increase the size and weight of the weight plate that you use to make the exercise more difficult as well. For more information and guidance, consult with a trainer.


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