Weight Plate Exercises: Around the World

A weight plate is a flat, rounded plate that generally has a hole in the center. These plates are made from metal and are available in a variety of different weights. They can be added to barbells for use in lifting exercises, and they can also be incorporated into a number of standard workouts and exercises alone as well.

One of the best exercises that incorporates a weight plate is the Around the World. Around the Worlds are exercises that work the shoulders, upper arms, pectorals and other muscle groups as well. These exercises are very helpful in developing these muscle groups in terms of strength, though they’re not outstanding for building up mass. If you’re looking for a way to strengthen your upper body with a single exercise and using a single piece of equipment, the weight plate Around the World may be the choice for you.

1. Exercise Basics

To conduct this exercise, you’ll first need to begin by selecting an appropriate weight and grabbing it in both hands. Do a finger-over grip so that your palms are facing each other as you grab the weight on the left and right sides. It’s important that you start with a relatively light weight when you’re new to the exercise. You can proceed by increasing the total weight as you go, but it’s best to start easily. Position your feet just slightly wider than your hips are and keep your legs generally straight. Do not lock your knees or your elbows. Lift the weight up over your head and hold it behind your head. This is the resting position.

To execute the exercise, rotate the weight around the right side of your body by lifting your left arm up over your head as you hold the weight with both hands. Bring the weight as far as you can around the right side of your body and then slowly return it to the initial position. Repeat the motion again, but this time bring the weight around the left side until it’s as far left as possible. This is one repetition.

2. Safety and Injury Prevention

Because you’ll be lifting a heavy weight up off of the ground, it’s important that you take care not to drop the weight. This is especially true when it’s over your head, but should be your concern at all times as well. It’s also a good idea to stretch your upper body muscles out thoroughly before you begin to do this exercise, as it will help to ensure that you don’t pull anything. Breathe deeply as you go.

3. Modifications

As you get better at this exercise, modify it by adding in weight. You can also do one-handed Around the Worlds while holding a dumbbell as well; the motion remains the same, but you’ll hold the dumbbell in only one arm and keep your free arm by your side.


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