Weight Loss Benefits of Kissing

Many people who are now very conscious about their health and their over-all appearance are looking for different ways to actually lose weight like kissing. There have been different types of diets right now that are said to be effective, but may not be applicable for everybody. This is the reason why most people still stick to the tried and tested physical exercise. However, there is a less-strenuous way of losing weight.

Burn Calories

Based on scientific experiments and research, kissing can help aid in the weight loss process. 10 calories are being burned on a 10-minute kissing experiment. Together, that can help you lose 1 pound on a five-hour kissing spree.

One of the most popular types of kissing is French kissing. There is however, another type of kissing that may not be as popular, but can do great wonders just the same. Italian kissing is a more intense kind of kiss. Since Italians are known to be intense lovers, an Italian kiss is said to burn more calories than the usual lip-locking. Aside from the usual tongue-tangling, an Italian kiss requires touching the cheek of your partner. This requires more effort and can then burn more calories. This will also stretch out more of the lip, mouth and facial muscles and can then improve on the elasticity and the firmness of the skin.

Body Circulation and Cardiovascular Exercise

Kissing also increases adrenaline and, in turn, increases the circulation of your blood in the body. This helps in losing weight as well. As the intensity of kissing increases, there is also a greater chance of burning more calories.

Kissing also boosts your energy level and prepares your body for more strenuous activities. This does not necessarily mean more involved physical contact, but it prepares your body for a more active interaction or for activities that require more energy, like running, swimming or jogging.

Tension Release and Stress Relief

Together with weight loss, kissing also has other benefits. It can also relieve tension and release stress. Breathing is deeper and you exercise your facial muscles with the movement of the jaws, cheeks and mouth. With this, it can slow down the aging process by reducing fine lines. Muscle movement of the mouth and jaw helps in the sagging of the skin on the upper portion of the face, specifically on the cheekbones and below the eyes.

Healthy Oral Hygiene

Kissing also prevents tooth decay. The salivary glands are forced to excrete more saliva when kissing. This ensures that the acidic content of the mouth is neutralized with the extra saliva released. This will then help in reducing plaque and cavities in the mouth especially after eating. 

From weight loss to any oral hygiene, kissing has definitely been proven to improve the overall wellness of an individual. It not only helps physically, but also boosts confidence, providing a better outlook in life and a healthier disposition. 


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