Weight Loss 101: How to Lose a Pound of Fat

It doesn’t matter whether you are ten pounds or one hundred pounds overweight; a healthy weight loss rate is a pound per week. That means you can start on a weight loss plan whenever you choose, and success is absolutely obtainable.

There are many fad and trendy weight loss programs out there to choose from, but the real key to weight loss is a simple formula. The simple truth is that you need to burn more calories than you consume in order to lose weight.

The Formula

The formula only takes some basic math skills, some awareness and some old fashioned self discipline. To be exact, it is necessary to burn an extra 3,500 calories per week in order to lose a pound of weight. That would be equal to an extra 500 calories burned per day.

Learn to Count Calories

It’s hard to track your weekly count if you don’t know how to count and track the calories you consume each day. You can find the caloric information you need about fresh fruits and vegetables online. For other foods, read the labels carefully and measure serving sizes so the calorie count is accurate. The biggest mistake people make when attempting to lose weight is to eat incorrect portion sizes. Keep track of the calories you consume by writing down everything that goes into your mouth and then adding the calories up at the end of the day.

Change Your Diet

Rather than just trying to increase your activity level tremendously, you can make some changes to your diet. For instance, if you’re accustomed to eating a lot of fast food or fried foods, decrease the amount. Try eliminating at least two unhealthy meals per week and replacing those with a salad that contains lots of vegetables and very little dressing. Next, you can replace high fat and sugary snacks with low fat snacks.

Make a large, healthy breakfast with calories that count instead of sugary cereal or a large bagel with cream cheese. Eating a large, healthy breakfast will start your day in the right direction for burning more calories while engaging in your regular activities.

Increase Your Activity Level

You can do the obvious and start an exercise program where there was none. Even walking for a mile three days a week will make a huge difference in burning excess calories. You can also start burning extra calories on a smaller scale. For instance, walk to the corner store instead of drive. Take the stairs at work or while at the mall instead of riding the elevator. Walk every aisle at the grocery store, even though you don’t need to; just make sure you don’t grab the high calorie snacks when you walk by them.

Everything you do burns calories, even sleeping. Keep track of the activities you do on a daily basis and measure that against the calories you consume, to make sure you’re doing enough to lose at least one pound per week.


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