Weight Lifting to Lose Weight

In addition to diet and cardio exercising, weight lifting is a great way to loose weight. The high intensity heart rate helps burn calories and burn fat. In addition to this, by building and toning muscle mass, your muscles will help lift the parts of your body that you don’t want sagging.

Weight lifting gives you an all around better looking body and is completely worth the time and effort. It should be part of your weekly routine. Depending on your goals, it is recommended that you do cardio vascular work, such as running or swimming, three days out of the week and perform weight lifting strength training on the other three days of the week, alternating between cardio and weights.

Diet and Exercise

Keep in mind, no matter how much you do weight training, it is all for nothing if you have an unhealthy diet. Much of the fat storage in your body can only be reduced by proper healthy eating. But, if you keep putting fatty foods into your system, no amount of sits ups is going to be able to completely remove it. Your body must be able to burn it off without your fat storage continuously being replenished. Also, intense cardio work is necessary to burn the proper calories.

Lift Those Weights

The beauty of weight training is, when you exercise your muscles, you are not only burning calories but also you are burning fat. Specifically you are burning the fat over the muscle that you are working. Thus, by doing abdominal exercises, you are taking the fat tissue and converting it to muscle tissue. Clearly this does not solve all your problems and is not an instant solution, but it is a great reason why weight lifting is so helpful in loosing weight. This is also the reason why strength-training activities like yoga and pilates are effective at burning fat.

Heart Rate

Weight lifting is spouts of high intensity cardiovascular work. Running gives your body a constant work out where your heart rate is elevated but usually remains on an even plain. When lifting weights, your heart jumps from a resting rate to a much higher rate in order to get blood to the necessary muscles. This “acceleration” of heart rate can improve your cardiovascular system and put you in better shape. Both of which will lead to losing weight.

Don’t Go By the Scale

If you start an exercise program that includes strength training and your weight is not decreasing, don’t sweat it. With weight lifting, you are burning fat tissue and replacing it with muscle tissue. Your weight won’t change dramatically, but your health and figure will. Having muscle gives you a tight and toned look that will help shape up other areas of your body.


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