Weight Lifting for Women: Tips and Techniques

Weight lifting for women has become more popular these days. It is one of the most effective ways to achieve a leaner and more attractive figure, and it can also improve your health and fitness. However, it is not an easy thing to do, and you need to follow certain tips and techniques to ensure that your workouts will be safe and rewarding.

Importance of Proper Weight Lifting Techniques

Weight lifting can be a risky activity if it is not done properly. If you do not implement proper weight training techniques, there is a higher chance that you will sustain injuries during your workouts. These injuries include sprains, strains, dislocations, fractures and tendinitis. Improper weight lifting can also result in long-term injuries, such as muscle overload, bone stress damage and nerve damage, which can prevent you from living an active lifestyle. Here is a list of weight lifting techniques for women:

1. Set Your Goal

Before you set your weight lifting goal, you have to understand that weight lifting for women does not bring the same results as weight lifting for men. It is easier for you to achieve a toned and lean physique than gain muscle mass, because you have much less testosterone in your body than men. The lack of testosterone will make it more difficult for you to maintain an anabolic environment for building muscles. As such, you have to work harder than men if you want to increase your muscle mass. Other than toning and enlarging muscles, you can also lift weights to gain strength and endurance or just to maintain a healthy body. There are different weight lifting exercises for different objectives, and you have to choose the right exercises to achieve your goal.

2. Start with Lighter Weights

If you use heavy weights when you are starting out, you will be exposed to greater risks of injuries. Your hips are proportionately wider than a man’s, and you will experience greater stress on your knees when you are lifting weights in a standing position. Use lighter weights to perfect your techniques first before you start lifting heavier weights.

3. Women-Focused Techniques

As a woman, you will become more susceptible to osteoporosis as you grow older, and you need to build shoulder and upper back strength to prevent this disease. You have to pay attention to building your hamstring muscles as well, because you are more vulnerable to knee ligament tears than men.

4. Avoid Extreme Dieting

Since you do not have as much muscle mass as men, your body will suffer more damage if you go on an extreme diet. When you reduce your food intake drastically, you will not have sufficient energy and strength to lift weights to maintain or increase your muscle mass. If you want to achieve an attractive physique through weight lifting, moderate dieting will work well for you.




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