Weight Lifting for Beginners

Slow and steady weight lifting wins the race. The best start for beginners when it comes to any form of exercise program is to see your doctor first. Tell him of any aches and pains. Based on your health history, your doctor should be able to guide you in the right direction, whether that be suggesting working with a trained fitness professional or starting with light weights on your own.

Understand How “You” Work

Getting started requires very little. Small barbells are fine. Starting with light weight trains your muscles and your nervous system to adapt to new ranges of motion. Starting with less weight also allows you the lifter to getting comfortable with ranges of motion you may not be used to. While lifting light weights, you will also be more attentive to how your body reacts and feels during and after exercise.

Some Stress Is a Good Thing

An example of light weight would be no more than five pounds for your typical adult. Three pounds is best just to get used to lifting weight and paying attnetion to how you feel while stressing your body. Some stress in order to lift the weights is okay. Trying too many repitions for too long ultimately will lead to an unhealthy amount of stress. If you have no frame of reference for such exercise, after consulting with your doctor consider a trained fitness professional to teach and guide you enough so that you can workout on your own.

If you are uncertain, yet have some understanding of exercise, start slowly. Don’t rush and don’t overexert yourself. You should eventually understand how much range of motion you accomplish and what weights you are comfortable with.


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