Weight Control Services That Are Worth Looking Into

For many of us, weight loss and weight control are more easily achieved with the help of a weight control service. Those services can come in a variety of forms and offer assistance, and even medical intervention. When assessing what service might be appropriate for you, it’s important to determine your own needs and resources before looking for services.

Points to Consider Before Choosing Weight Control Services

  • Budget – If you are working with a limited budget, consider on-line services that give you personal services at your fingertips for a small monthly fee. Services like LA Weight Loss, where you visit a weight management clinic and work with a counselor a few times a week will be slightly more expensive. On-site treatment at clinics or surgical intervention are only for those willing to spend a significant amount of money.
  • Level of intervention you need – Determine if you simply need accountability, are looking for encouragement, or will have difficulty in maintaining a program without a high-level of intervention.
  • Amount of weight loss needed – For dieters looking for a smaller amount of weight loss and management, the less invasive internet services may be just what you need. For those with significant numbers to lose or health issues to consider, medical/clinical options are available.
  • Location for treatment – Are you able and willing to travel to an on-site facility? If so, some facilities require overnight stays for a length of time. Determine how far you’re able to go and how long you can be away before searching for on-site services. 

Weight Watchers 

This weight control diet service is a lower cost option that is great for dieters looking for a tangible method for counting calories and losing weight. It also offers flexible support/accountability. Weight Watchers provides group meetings to encourage and keep you on track, but isn’t rigid about attendance. You decide on the level of accountability you need.

Jenny Craig Weight Management

This service is also a lower cost option that gives additional support/accountability options like phone-consultant services as well as the traditional in-office consultations. They provide pre-ordered meal plans that ship directly to your door.

Weight Loss Camps 

Camps offer dieters a shorter on-site program where you can immerse yourself in weight loss and fitness, alongside other people with the same goals. It’s a way to jump-start your diet and fitness routine with a high level of accountability in hopes that you’ll have significant weight loss during your stay. Long-term goals are addressed, and they strive to put you on track to continue forward when you head home. Some examples of camp programs include:

  • Shane Diet Resorts
  • New Image Camps 
  • Camp LA Jolla Fitness Club

Weight Loss Clinics 

Clinics are typically the highest level of intervention possible. They feature on-site medical professionals trained to handle not just overweight patients, but clinically obese patients also. Their services include everything from personal weight loss plans to drug intervention and surgical options. Some of the more prominent weight loss clinics include:

  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Medi-Weightloss Clinics
  • Physician’s Plan Clinics 
  • Rice Diet Clinic (one location in Durham, NC)

While medical weight loss clinics are the most expensive and typically require some on-site commitment, they also offer the safest medical treatment from certified providers and licensed physicians. For dieters with serious weight loss issues and obesity concerns, clinic intervention can be a life-saving option.

Whether you choose a medically certified weight loss program, camp, clinic, or center, always consult your personal physician before beginning a new diet or weight loss program.


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