Weight Bench Exercises: Jump Ups on Bench

Out of all of the various exercises that you can do without the use of free weights or a machine, jump ups are among the most comprehensive in terms of their athletic benefits. These exercises, which require only a workout bench in order to perform, are a great cardiovascular exercise that can also boost your upper and lower leg muscles.

Basic Position

The basic position of the exercise requires that you stand in front of a weight bench, facing the bench. Place the bench in a wide open area and adjust the height so that it is not too high for you. You may even wish to practice stepping up or jumping up onto the bench a couple of times to be sure that the height is appropriate. To get into the rest position, stand facing the bench with your legs approximately shoulder width apart.

To execute the exercise, bend your knees slightly and then straighten them in a clean, quick motion. As you do, jump up onto the bench with both feet at the same time. To complete a repetition of the exercise, jump backward off of the bench to get yourself back to the starting position.

Safety and Other Issues

It’s important that you be careful while you’re doing this exercise, to be sure that you don’t accidentally land in a way that might injure you. Move slowly at first until you’re comfortable with the exercise. For an intensified jump up experience, attach light ankle weights to both legs before you complete the exercise.


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