We tried Paula Deen, ya’ll!

We never thought we could afford the calories in the cuisine that is created by this butter-loving Southern Belle from Savannah, GA. The same woman that brings us Fried Twinkies can also cook up a mean batch of salad dressings, all featuring classic southern ingredients like peaches, Vidalia onions, blackberries, and walnuts. We gave them a shot, and loved them!

Most of Paula Deen’s salad dressings hover around 110 calories per serving. She offers three different dressings based on Vidalia onions, a blackberry walnut dressing, creamy cucumber dill, and a peach pecan variety. They pack a lot of flavor, and a little goes a long way. However, our very favorite of the bunch – Peach Pecan Dressing – was also a surprisingly low 40 calories, and fat free.

We find time and time again that our favorite low calorie salad dressings are the ones that just naturally happen that way, without the help of food scientists and additives. Paula’s Peach Pecan dressing is thickened with pureed fruit, and sweetened by the natural sugars of fresh peaches, and just a touch of cane sugar. This is a sweet and tangy dressing, and has the taste of fresh, ripe peaches that are balanced with the smoothness of finely chopped pecans. The vinegar gives it just enough bite so you’ll know you aren’t eating dessert. Great salads can and should be enjoyed all year long. For the most flavor, focus on what’s in season, and use a light salad dressing that brings out the best of your ingredients. This dressing is great on a grilled salmon and spinach salad, or try it on warm grilled chicken over romaine, with a touch of shredded pepperjack cheese. It’s equally as good on a fresh garden salad or fresh cut fruit.


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