Want to Be Full-Figured & Fab? Then Check Out This Outfit

When it comes to fashion, I’ll be the first to admit that I know less than nothing. I lived most of my teenage years in an over-sized hoodie and blue jeans. My hair was in a ponytail, and my face was free of makeup. It was easy, it was simple and it worked perfectly with my tomboy attitude.

As the years have progressed, quite a few things have changed. My tomboyish attitudes are much less prominent, and I take great pride in making sure I appear polished and professional when I step into the office every morning.

You know what hasn’t changed, though? My desire for easy and simple. I want to look good, and I don’t want it to take a lot of work. Is that too much to ask? The wonderful folks over at Avenue.com were kind enough to send me a sample of some of their clothes. And let me tell you that with their “A Striped Situation” ensemble, polished and chic have never been so easy.

24_AvenueOutfit02The outfit is comprised of just a few simple pieces – their Butter Denim Skinny jean (in black), Lace Trim Cami (black) and a three-quarter-length striped blazer. It makes a simple yet bold combination that is both comfortable and unforgettable.

The Butter Denim skinny jean fits wonderfully. It’s soft, stretchy, but not too sheer. My only issues with this item were the fact that it did not have front pockets, and they did loosen a little after I had been wearing them for a while. If you’re built anything like me (my waist is significantly slimmer than my hips), this means you may be spending quite a bit of time pulling these jeans up after a few hours of wear. They do tend to run a little on the long side as well. I’m 5’7’’, and they were a good length for me, but if I had been any shorter they would probably be too long.

24_AvenueOutfit03The Lace-Trim Cami is awesome. Sleek and simple, it’s eye catching and comfortable without too much fuss. I loved the length of this piece…it certainly helped when the jeans fell down a little! Simultaneously, the cut of the neck was perfect. Often with camis I find myself constantly doing the “cleavage check” to make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be…but not with this one.

Lastly, the Striped Blazer. What a statement this jacket makes! It’s lightweight, so as not to be too much to wear during the summer months, but enough to help you tolerate that office AC. The white stripes in contrast to the all black basics underneath are sure to turn heads.

Accessorizing this outfit is as simple as the rest of the outfit. Avenue’s black wedges are comfortable, and have just the right amount of heel to be fierce, without being overpowering.

Accent the whole outfit with a few statement pieces (like Avenue’s two row rhinestone stretch bracelet and textured large hoop earrings) and you’ve got a polished look as suitable for the office as it is for dinner and drinks with the girls.

Thanks for the opportunity to try some of your awesome stuff, Avenue! And special thanks to my baby sister, who was my model today…we’re the same size, but different body types, and the Avenue.com ensemble looked incredible on her too! Wouldn’t you agree?


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