Vitamin Water: The Benefits of Fortified Water

Vitamin Water has taken the beverage industry by storm, and whether you’re at the grocery store, a convenience store or a local eatery, the shelves are lined with vitamin-enriched bottles of water. These drinks are available in fun colors with promising names like Focus, Power-C and Endurance. You’re tempted to reach for a bottle to supplement your lunch, not only because it appears tasty and refreshing, but because it contains vitamins that will enhance your health (and possibly your afternoon performance). By choosing Vitamin Water as your lunchtime hydration, you’re doing your body a favor, right? Wrong!

Unfortunately, when it comes to the benefits of fortified water, there aren’t that many. While Vitamin Water does contain some vitamins, the amount is minimal, and your body doesn’t absorb these vitamins in the same beneficial way it does from healthy foods. It’s important to note that there are 2.5 servings in each bottle of Vitamin Water, which means the calorie and sugar count needs to be doubled and then some. This elevates the numbers to 125 calories and 32.5g of sugar per bottle, with a large amount of crystalline fructose (liquid sugar) present in each drink. Okay, enough bashing of Vitamin Water; there are some benefits of fortified water, including:

Lower Calorie Options

There is a lot of variety offered when it comes to Vitamin Water. There are multiple tasty flavors available, and let’s be honest, they do taste delicious. What’s more is that there are lower calorie options you can choose from, which means your diet does not have to suffer if you want to indulge in a Vitamin Water. There are varieties on the market that contain 10 calories a serving and 0 calories a serving, and they also come in multiple flavors (with fun colors and names). While they might not be as flavorful as the regular version, they are still pretty tasty.

Better Option than Soda

While Vitamin Water is high in sugar, it still does not contain as much sugar as regular soda. And, yes, it does contain some vitamins that work to improve your health (and possibly give you a quick energy boost). If you can’t decide between soda and Vitamin Water, fortified water is the better choice. However, try to go for the low calorie version and don’t get in a habit of drinking Vitamin Water every day.

Contains Electrolytes

Another benefit of Vitamin Water is that it contains electrolytes—natural salts found in your body fluids. These essential salts are lost through sweat, so a Vitamin Water might prove to be effective if you’re participating in an intense physical activity. Fortified water also comes in handy if you’re suffering from an illness, such as the flu, where essential fluids are depleted from your body.

Vitamin Water is not without its benefits, but it’s important that you view this beverage as a treat and not an everyday lunchtime drink. When it comes down to it, the best beverage to regularly drink, for both your health and your waistline, has been and always will be water.


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