Vibration Plate: To Own or Not to Own?

The Vibration Plate exercise machine provides a unique approach to increasing overall health and well being. This machine features a vibrating platform where you stand, sit and perform various exercises on to strengthen your entire body. However, there are several other pieces of equipment that carry a much smaller price tag and even more positive health benefits.

Vibration Plate Benefits

Companies that manufacture the Vibration Plate claim that using the machinery will offer you substantial health benefits that other methods of exercise simply can’t match:

  • Fat burning and cellulite reduction
  • Osteoporosis prevention and increased bone density
  • Increase in muscle strength and endurance
  • Muscle and joint pain reduction

Although these benefits do provide great incentives leading to your purchase of a state-of-the-art Vibration Plate, base costs for the these machines can be very expensive.

Vibration Plate Disadvantages

Vibration Plates can cost several thousands of dollars. Rather than spending money on a single machine that claims to provide a complete exercise substitute, you may be able to receive the same benefits from performing different workout routines at home or in a gym with a variety of equipment.

The Vibration Plate is also very heavy. Some of these machines will not serve as practical transportable pieces of exercise equipment, meaning you will have a limited area in which the workout will get performed. These machines are also very costly to repair. If something breaks or becomes worn down over time, professional assistance serves as the best, yet most expensive option for fixing the issue.

Choosing Your Options

For a fast, in-house exercise technique that provides a variety of benefits, choosing the Vibration Plate is not your only option. Many health and fitness enthusiasts use jump ropes, weight sets, cardiovascular machines and other traditional exercise equipment at home or at a gym.

Purchasing a gym membership and paying a monthly fee serves as a far less expensive option. You may have to belong to a gym for an extended period of time in order to even match the very high costs of the Vibration Plate machines. Professionally designed gyms also accommodate members by providing a variety of equipment that performs several functions.

Rather than limiting yourself to one machine that only provides a limited set of functions, working out at home, outside and at the gym provides you with freedom and a sense of personalization. You ultimately act as your own motivator and personal trainer. Choosing to purchase a Vibration Plate does expand your workout equipment choices, however, such devices that claim to do it all often lead to less time trying new things.


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