Vegan Rice Protein: Powder vs. Normal Protein Powder

Vegan rice protein, powder as well as normal protein powder, is good for a healthy diet, but the average adult should never take in less than 45 grams per day. This number will vary according to the person’s weight, with a heavier person needing a little more as well as an active person needing more. Normally, a person eats two or three servings of a meat product per day, but those who get very little to no meat per day, such as vegans or vegetarians, need protein supplementation. Very active people who follow a vegan diet are limited in their choices of healthy protein powders.

Vegan Rice Protein

The protein products on the market such as tofu, whey, rice and soy offer benefits like losing weight or increasing muscle mass; the most popular of these is rice protein powder. This form of protein contains all the essential amino acids and vitamins needed by the body every day. Rice protein supports lean tissue formation, does not raise blood sugar levels, and it decreases hunger. It does not contain extra additives or sweeteners, it is readily absorbed and when eaten after a meal, it has the ability to repair and rebuild torn muscles, and it speeds recovery time.

This is an especially good protein powder for vegans or vegetarians due to the high concentrations of protein, minerals and vitamins that are lacking in a restricted, meat free diet. It is low in calories and easily digestible; people who have allergies to wheat, soy or milk can benefit from rice protein, as it has rarely caused allergic reactions.

Normal Protein Powder

Recent studies show the need for protein intake is essential for improved glucose tolerance as well as people who ingest too much simple carbohydrate foods. Normally, any high quality protein powder will supply all essential amino acids the body needs. Since the body needs essential amino acids to stay healthy and function properly, the body does not make them. It is important to eat the right foods and/or take a daily protein supplement. Daily added protein powder improves function during psychological stress, injuries, diseases and burns.


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