Vegan Protein Powder for Muscle Building

The words ‘vegan’ and ‘muscle building protein powder’ are seldom seen together. In reality, there are many reasons a bodybuilder might to chose vegan protein powders to enhance their performance. A person might choose to abstain from dairy based powder because of religious, dietary, ethical or medical reasons. These products can also be useful for non body builders. It can help put on weight and supply added nutrition to convelescents and other underweight individuals.

Muscle building relies on protein. Vegans have less sources of protein to choose from, as they don’t eat any animal protein.  Vegan protein powders can be made from hemp seed, pea protein and brown rice. These are some of the more popular vegan protein powders.

Sun Warrior Rice Powder

One of the most popular vegan protein powders, Sun Warrior, is a vegan supplement packing a protein punch from whole brown rice protein. Loaded with amino acids it is made from all organic ingredients. It is considered to be one of the better tasting vegan powders, and it is available in multiple flavors.

Raw Power

Raw Power organic protein powder bills itself as a “superfood.” Raw Power boasts completely natural ingredients designed to help the environment and the organic farmer. Their high protein powders come in a variety of intense and unusual flavors, including Mesquite, Goji Berry, Maca and Brazil Nut.

Pure Advantage Natural Pea Protein

Pure Advantage is operating on certain studies claiming that vegan pea protein is better for the human body than the weight gain standard, whey protein.  The product is all natural, low in calories, fat, carbs and sodium, but offering 25g of protein per serving. The product is made in vanilla, chocolate and wild berry flavors.

There are many options available if you are looking for protein powder. With vegan powders, you can choose the one that best fits your particular needs, and you can do it without compromising your dietary preferences.


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