Vegan Pie Ideas without Fruit

Wherever meat and dariy put up a roadblock, the vegan must find away around it and be creative. In the case of vegan pie, sometimes that creativity hits a speed bump. Often the easiest route to a home-made vegan dessert is a fruit pie. But, its not the only route. Here are some delicious vegan pies with non-fruit fillings.

Sweet Potato Pie

When you see them sitting next to the russets and Yukon Golds in the produce section, you may not think of sweet potatoes as an ideal pie filling (unless you live in the South, where sweet potato pies have been enjoyed for hundreds of years). The vegan version pie in simple to make, using peeled, boiled and mashed sweet potato. The pie is seasoned with cinnamon and nutmeg and requires very little sweetener, if any. Silk tofu is substituted for canned milk to add creaminess to the potato mash. The end result is very similar to pumpkin pie, with a slightly less gelatinous texture. Sweet potato pie is a delicious holiday option.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Again, here is a pie that is as simple as can be to make. Simply combine a half cup melted vegan chocolate with a half cup peanut butter. Mix in one container tofu. The tofu can be of any firmness you prefer. The stiffer the tofu, the stiffer the pudding that will result from it. Add two tablespoons of soy milk and pour into a vegan pie crust. An added bonus to this delicious and easy recipe is that no baking is needed. Simply refrigerate the pie until firm. It will be technically ready in as little time as an hour, but longer setting time will result in a stronger filling that holds together better.

Maple Pecan Pie

Here is a high protein dessert recipe using natural sweetener. The trick is to follow a traditional pecan pie recipe, except use some clever and delicious substitutions. Maple syrup will replace any sugar the recipe requires. For a little kick, replace a quarter cup of water with rum or bourbon. And use vegan margarine substitutes, such as Earth Balance, in place of butter. Pecans pressed into the top of your sweet filling and baked for thirty minutes will result a top quality vegan pecan pie.

Vegan Cheesecake

It may sound like a contradiction in terms, but vegan cheesecake exists, and it is a tasty alternative to fruit pies. To make this recipe, you will need to make liberal use of the many vegan dairy replacement foods in your local health food store. Again, you may follow a standard cheesecake recipe, except using your own ingredients when necessary. A package each of Tofutti cream cheese substitute and Silken tofu will be the creamy base of your pie. Soy milk and vegan egg substitute will fill in for the real thing in your recipe. The end result is a creamy and rich “pie” with only a fraction of the calories of its dairy cousin.

If you’re tired of the same old fruit filling in your desserts, don’t be afraid to branch out into something new. Almost any pie ever enjoyed can be repicated with vegan ingredients. Vegan replacement foods made today are varied and skillfully made, resulting in your producing higher quality food in your kitchen. With their help, making delicious vegan desserts without fruit is as easy as pie.


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