Vegan Dishes for Your Non Vegan Spouse

Just because your spouse may be a non vegan, it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare vegan dishes at mealtime. There are a variety of vegan dishes out there that can be just as delicious as animal and dairy based meals. The trick is to get creative and take full advantage of herbs and spices to create tasty vegan meals that the entire family can enjoy.

Whole Wheat Pasta Primavera

Pasta is a base that can be decorated and seasoned with a whole variety of options. It is cheap and very versatile. Whole wheat pasta is a healthier alternative to traditional white pasta. All you have to do is boil some pasta, let it drain, then drizzle a little bit of olive oil to prevent it from sticking. For the primavera sauce, chop up a variety of vegetables, such as zucchini, tomatoes, onions and broccoli. Saute them in a pan with a little bit of olive oil and sea salt. Once they are cooked to your taste, pour the vegetables on top of the pasta and mix it through. Top the dish off with some dairy-free cheese for a healthy, nutritious vegan dish!

Vegan Margherita Pizza

Your non vegan spouse won’t object to eating pizza – even if it lacks pepperoni. Start with a pizza shell, which can easily be found at most grocery stores. Drizzle it with olive oil and sea salt, then cover it with tomato sauce. You can make this sauce yourself by boiling some canned tomatoes, then adding olive oil, garlic, basil and salt. Top it off with some dairy-free cheese, and bake for about half an hour.

Stuffed Green Peppers

Not only is this vegan dish healthy, but it looks professional too! Core some green peppers, and clean out all the seeds. Boil some rice, then add olive oil and salt to it. Saute some mushrooms, red peppers and corn together in a shallow frying pan, then add them to the rice. Mix the rice mixture up, then fill the green peppers. Bake the stuffed peppers in the oven for about half an hour for a delicious vegan meal. To spice things up a little, sprinkle some dairy-free cheese on top of the peppers just before popping them in the oven for even more flavor.

Vegetable Lasagna

Lasagna is a hearty dish that is hard to resist. Boil some lasagna pasta strips, then let them drain. Prepare some tomato sauce by boiling canned tomatoes into a sauce pan, and add garlic, olive oil, salt and basil. Slice some zucchini and eggplant cross-wise, and season them with some salt and pepper. Line a greased lasagna dish with the pasta strips, then add the sauce, vegetables, and some dairy-free cheese. Repeat the process with another layer lined the same way, until you have reached the top of the lasagna dish, or have run out of ingredients. Top the lasagna with more sauce and dairy-free cheese, cover it with aluminum foil, and bake in the oven for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Grilled Vegetable Fajitas

Your non vegan spouse shouldn’t miss the meat with these delicious fajitas filled with grilled vegetables. Cut up different colored peppers, zucchini and portobello mushrooms, then grill them for about five minutes per side. Place them in a bowl, and drizzle olive oil, balsamic vinegar, parsley flakes and salt, then mix them together. Warm up the fajitas, then place the vegetable mixture over top. Finish the dish off with some dairy-free cheese if so desired.


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