Vegan Cupcakes Ideas: Fruit Stuffing

Eating a vegan diet and leading a vegan lifestyle does not mean that deprivation should happen. In fact, vegan cupcakes can and should be on the list of fun and yummy things to eat. There are many vegan cupcake recipes that include fruit ingredients, which make them a sweet treat and healthy too.

Blueberry Vegan Cupcakes

Blueberries are high in antioxidant content, are full of flavor, and you can buy them frozen when they are not in season. There are many different blueberry vegan cupcake recipes to choose from, and you can even enjoy these without frosting.

Banana Vegan Cupcakes

Another popular choice for vegan cupcakes with fruit stuffing is bananas. This recipe, no matter what version of the recipe you use, calls for the bananas to be mashed. There are some recipes which call for adding oatmeal, as well as banana, which makes it more filling and healthy.

Pineapple Vegan Cupcakes

Most pineapple vegan cupcake recipes call for crushed, canned pineapple, so these are a great all-season option. This recipe is similar to pineapple upside down cake.

Fresh Seasonal Berry Vegan Cupcakes

There are many vegan cupcake recipes that you can make with fresh, seasonal berries. You can use strawberries, blackberries, raspberries or whatever type of fresh berry you prefer. These cupcakes are great when you prefer something with chunks of fruit and want a fresh taste.

Most vegan cupcake recipes call for the use of soy yogurt or applesauce or both as a base. You can also opt to leave the nuts out when they are listed as an ingredient. There are several vegan recipe websites that list various fruit stuffing cupcakes, so research until you find the right one for you.


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