Vegan Chicken Alternatives that Still Satisfy

There are some great vegan chicken alternatives available on the market  today, making it easier and much more attractive for those of you turning to non-meat alternatives as part of a new, healthier lifestyle. Gone are the days of boiled veggies and bland tofu – with these ideas, you can have a hearty, tasty ‘chicken’ dinner without the chicken.

Chicken ‘Not’ Breasts

This popular range of ‘Not’ products offer a great alternative to chicken breasts for those of you who are looking for something satisfying to get your teeth into, without the guilt.  The breasts are a good size and come in packs of 6, so are substantial enough to feed a family. As with regular chicken breasts, they are versatile in that they can be pan-fried, baked, grilled or shredded and added to a vegetable stir fry. They even come with a broth for added flavor. These are a great all-round basis for any recipe you may have that calls for chicken.

Chicken ‘Teriyaki’

A favorite amongst meat eaters, there is no reason for vegans to miss out on this oriental classic. The key is in the seasoning with this recipe, and if prepared well, even the non-meat eaters at the table will be hard pushed to tell the difference.

Using sliced vegan chicken breasts, such as the product mentioned above, sauté them with garlic, onions and ginger in a little olive oil to infuse the flavors. Add sliced celery, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and any other veggies you care to add, and stir fry quickly for a couple of minutes. Soy sauce, cilantro, rice vinegar and a pinch of sugar are simple, but effective ingredients that will add wonderful flavor, without weighing on your conscience.

Baked Corn Flake Crusted Chicken

This has long been a favorite amongst chicken lovers, and now here is a way to enjoy it without the meat (and a little less fat to boot). Starting off with some vegan chicken from Match Meats, form them into patties. Then coat them with a mixture of crushed corn flakes, cracked black pepper and celery salt. Here’s where the patties would normally be pan fried in oil, but if you prefer to keep the fat content even lower, spray the patties with a low calorie cooking spray before pressing them into the mixture and placing on a baking tray. Bake them in the oven at a medium to high heat until they are golden brown.

There is absolutely no reason to not try out new eating styles and recipes with so many new and exciting products available on the market at the moment. Health food stores contain a plethora of chicken alternatives that are bursting with flavor and contain no animal products whatsoever.  With a little imagination, there is no reason to not enjoy the same flavors and textures that your meat-eating friends do.


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