Vacation Weight Gain and Other Scenarios that Pack on Pounds

Many people are concerned that vacation weight gain will mar their chance to get away from work and home life for a brief period of time. If you go off on vacation and end up gaining weight while you’re there, it can have a negative impact on your life when you return home as well.

Vacation weight gain does tend to be a common phenomenon, but it’s not difficult to combat. There are a number of other scenarios which may predispose you to weight gain in a similar way. Because it’s important to maintain a healthy weight be aware of the various scenarios which may cause you to gain excess weight so that you’ll be better able to predict them and deal with them before they can become a problem for you.

Vacation Weight Gain

There are a number of reasons why you may be more prone to gaining weight while on a vacation. First, while many people are on vacation they are not as consciously aware of getting exercise. Your normal routine is broken up and you may be less likely to visit the gym, go for a run, or otherwise engage in the activity that you might normally participate in. This means that you’ll likely be burning off fewer calories, which can lead to weight gain.

Additionally, many people tend to eat and drink more than they normally would while on vacation. This is easy to do if you’re visiting an exciting new place and you’re in a festive, happy mood. The types of foods that you might eat on vacation and the quantity of the food as well can have an impact on your weight too.

Holiday Weight Gain

Many people tend to also gain weight around the holidays. This is likely due to several of the same reasons. First, the weather in many areas is quite cold at this time of year, so you may be less inclined to go outside and exercise. Additionally, you’ll tend to eat more food and food that is less healthy as well. This can also make an impact on your total weight too.

Combating Weight Gain

The best way to combat the weight that you might gain through these or other similar situations is to use caution. Moderate what you eat; do not avoid eating special foods altogether, but make sure that you maintain a healthy diet as well and that you don’t overeat. Monitor your alcohol intake as well, as there are lots of calories in alcohol which contribute to nothing but weight gain. Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure that you continue to exercise as you would normally. If this isn’t possible, make sure that you do something active while on vacation as well; you can incorporate fun activities into your daily itinerary in order to make this possible and help stave off weight gain.


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