Utilizing Kipping Pullups for Complete Cross Fitness Training

Kipping pull-ups are your best bet for cross fitness training because they work your core muscles and your upper body, while you also get the benefits of cardio workout. All that you need to work this new and powerful exercise into your life is a pull-up bar.  

Kipping Pull-ups Compared to Regular Pull-ups

A kipping pull-up is different from a regular pull-up because a kipping pull-up is a full body movement where you generate power from your hips and your shoulders, while you kick your feet behind you in order to gain momentum for more pull-ups. While Regular pull-ups mainly work your arms and shoulders, kipping pull-ups provide more of a cross fitness workout because they work your shoulders, hips and legs, as well as your upper body.

How To Do A Kipping Pull-up

To do a kipping pull-up properly, hang from your pull-up bar with your legs dangling. Then swing forward with you shoulders and hips, kicking your feet behind you. Then, as you kick your feet forward, lean your shoulders and hips back. Your shoulders and hips should always be on the opposite side of your pull-up bar from your feet.

Next, pull on the pull-up bar to raise your head and chin above the top of the bar. Then lean back, pushing away from the bar as your arms straighten out. You will end up back in the initial hanging position.

Repeat the kipping pull-ups as many times as you can do them comfortably. As you gain momentum from swinging back and forth, you will be able to do the kipping pull-ups more quickly. Your movements should be more smooth than jerky.

Doing sets of Kipping pull-ups will get your body in top cross fitness shape.



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