Using Yoga, Fitness and Meditation to Stop Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are caused by a variety of reasons both physiological and psychological. Yoga, fitness activities and regular meditation can help you to resist the urge to reach for sweets when you are bored, stressed, angry or sad.

Sugar is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates stimulate serotonin which is a chemical that makes you feel good. The sweetness of sugar releases endorphins that give you a boost of energy or make you feel relaxed. By using yoga, fitness or meditation, you will be replacing your sugar eating habit with activities that make you feel energetic and relaxed. You will, therefore, get the same benefits as sugar but without the calories or other health consequences.


Regular exercise is a great strategy for decreasing sugar cravings. If you engage in a fitness activity that you truly enjoy, you will naturally feel great after your workout. Your body may begin craving exercise regularly. Before long, you may find yourself drawn to water, sugarless drinks and healthier foods. If you reach for sweets as a way of feeling good or increasing your energy, fitness activities are a great remedy.


When your body and mind are relaxed, the body releases endorphins. Meditating regularly has been shown to release endorphins. When trying to break a sugar eating habit, whenever you are hit with a craving, take time out to sit quietly. Or go for a walk alone and try to clear your mind. Focus on the beauty or scenery around you. Freeing the mind of chatter and constant worry will relax you.

In addition to providing relaxation, the endorphins released by meditation boost the immune system. You may find yourself getting sick less often. When you do get a cold or flu, meditation may help you to recover more quickly. A healthy body helps you to feel more energetic and less depressed. Meditation is a useful practice for you if you eat sugar when you are depressed or stressed out.


Yoga is another method for stopping sugar cravings. Many yoga practices encourage focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. When practicing yoga, you are engaged in physical activity while making sure that your breath is flowing. Some people who take yoga experience a release of negative emotions during class. When holding a difficult pose or having a hard time balancing in a position, challenging emotions rise to the surface. Yoga is an opportunity to get in touch with feelings of sadness or anger and release them. You will very likely find yourself very relaxed after a yoga class. This is very useful if you reach for sweets as a result of repressed anger or sadness.

To reduce your sugar cravings, try incorporating physical exercise, yoga and/or meditation into your daily routine to see if these activities energize or relax you. You may find that as a result of these activities, you are calmer, more at peace and less inclined to eat sweets on a regular basis.


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