Using SUSTA as a Sugar Substitute

SUSTA may not yet be a household word, but this new sugar substitute is getting a lot of buzz. Unlike artificial sweeteners, SUSTA is made of natural ingredients. These ingredients are orange peel, probiotics, or “good bacteria,” vitamin C, cinnamon extract, goji berry extract, grape seed extract–and the list goes on, with still more natural extracts and B vitamins in the mix.

SUSTA’S composition resembles a fruit or vegetable. SUSTA’s claim is that it has no less than 16 balanced and interactive components. The goal in creating SUSTA was to make something that could taste just like sugar but could also help you feel better.

Artificial sweeteners have no calories but they also have no nutritional value. When you try adding a packet to a bowl of grapefruit or adding it into your plain yogurt, you may not like the aftertaste, tempting you to go back to your old sugar habits. Resisting temptation is not easy. If you are like many weight-watchers with a sweet tooth, then you know how difficult it is to start a new meal plan that excludes all sugar. You may miss the days when you were pouring sugar into your coffee. You may turn away from artificial sweeteners if you cannot bear the taste difference. SUSTA has a mild fruit-like taste that you may not find as bothersome.

Glycemic Twist

SUSTA has yet another interesting twist: SUSTA can help control blood sugar spikes. The product was designed with a measured proportion of fiber and other ingredients to keep your blood sugar levels well regulated. If you are on a diet where sugar intake is a major concern, then this is especially beneficial.

Part of this product design also was to add a tiny amount of natural, sweet fructose to the mix. The word “fructose” raises concerns these days because high-fructose corn syrup is converted into body fat more easily, and quickly raises blood sugar levels. Fructose itself is not a bad ingredient; this natural sugar in moderation plays a positive role in regulating the metabolism.

You don’t have to be concerned about the fructose as unwelcome sugar. It would take almost a whole 50-packet box of SUSTA to equal the sugar in one apple. Also, fructose, unlike sugar, is one of the lower glycemic foods on the glycemic index. You may have heard the term “glycemic  index” before in discussions about weight gain and sugar. “Glycemic index” simply means a measurement of how much a food that you eat might affect your blood sugar levels.

Five Calories Per Packet

If you are counting your daily calories, note that unlike artificial sweeteners with zero calories, there are five calories for each packet of SUSTA. It would be wonderful if the sweetener had no calories, but considering the fact that SUSTA seems to carry more nutritional benefits than some zero-calories sweeteners, and it can help ease your sugar cravings by controlling blood sugar spikes, it just may be the wisest choice.


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