Using Low-Fat Chocolate to Curb Appetite

Low-fat chocolate can actually support a weight loss diet! Chocolate itself acts like an appetite suppressant in the body and the caffeine content can provide an energy boost. Ideally, a one inch strip of chocolate three or four times a day, before meals, can actually help reduce feelings of hunger and reduce snacking between meals.

To incorporate the chocolate into your diet throughout the day, keep these tips in mind:

Look for Low Fat Chocolate Alternatives

    Many recipes and candies have high fat contents that can pack on the pounds, even while the chocolate is suppressing your hunger.

    Look for Low-sugar or Sugarless Chocolate Options

      Cocoa powder and even baking chocolate bars need sugar to diminish the bitter taste and bring out the flavor we all love. High amounts of sugar add weight-gaining calories that can sabotage any diet plan.

      Avoid Chocolate Pastries

        Choose more pure forms of chocolate like bars and sugarless chocolate candies that don’t contain processed ingredients like white flour, artificial colors, flavors and excess sugar. Their unhealthy ingredients outweigh the benefits you’ll receive as an appetite suppressant.

        Eat Your Chocolate Alone

          To get the appetite suppressing qualities and the energy boost of the caffeine, eat a small but concentrated chunk of yummy chocolate. The rich taste of the chocolate alone will also satisfy your urge for something to snack on quickly.

          Choose Dark Chocolate for Additional Health Benefits

            In addition to helping curb your appetite, new studies have found chocolate to have heart disease and cancer-fighting properties. The University College’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in London have found chocolate’s bioactive nutrients can interfere with the growth of cancer cells and reduce the risk of heart disease causing blood clots.

            So enjoy periodic, rich doses of chocolate for your weight AND your health!


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