Using A Natural Diet To Detox Your Body

A natural diet detox of the body is a targeted detox that cleanses all the major organs of the body: the skin, heart, lungs, blood, colon, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and spleen. The detox is done between each season on the equinox: spring, summer, fall and winter. Different herbs can be consumed as teas or in commercial cleansing products taken as tablets or powders.

If you are new to detox programs, do the first one in the spring. Start with the skin, colon and blood. After a year, consider doing the liver and gallbladder detox. See you doctor if you have any serious medical issues before performing a detox program.

Beginner’s Detox

The most common mistake is to be overambitious and attempt to undergo an intense detox that may cause you running to the bathroom constantly, feeling woozy, weak or breaking out. Whenever your body is being directed to remove toxins from the body, whether it is through the skin, lungs or colon, there is a byproduct: waste.

If you are a beginner, go easy with dry skinbrushing and drinking a daily detox tea containing dandelion root, slippery elm, senna or cascara sagrada. These herbs will cleanse the blood and colon.

Spring and Summer Detox Ideas

Spring equinox is a popular time to cleanse, as it is warm and many people report not having a large appetite. They are also motivated to lose weight before summer arrives. You might choose to juice fast by consuming fresh vegetable and fruit juices for four to seven days, and consume detox herbal teas with schizandra root and senna to clear the colon.

Summer is a good time to cleanse the heart and large intestine according to Chinese medicine. Essentially, you think of cleansing the blood with yellow dock or burdock root and ground flax seed to cleanse the colon.

Fall and Winter Detox Programs

The holidays of the fall and winter make it more challenging to do a cleansing program. Opt to eat whole grains, whole vegetables and fresh fruits, along with flax seed and olive oils, ground flax and fennel seeds. By eating these foods, you will still cleanse the lungs (fall) and kidneys (winter). Every detox program must include herbs to cleanse the colon to prevent storage of waste and toxins in the body.

Fall menus might include steamed squash, pumpkin and roasted sweet potatoes. Winter menus might include quinoa, brown rice, millet with beets, spinach and spaghetti squash. Eating these foods will be filling to fuel you through cooler months.

When to Reduce the Detox Diet

If you start to develop severe headaches, have constipation or diarrhea, feel dizzy or have low energy, reduce the length of your detox diet. Gradually reduce the herbal detox teas you are consuming, and see your doctor. 

Generally following these natural detox diets described here are appropriate for most people. The watch words are to go slow, enjoy your food and to drink no more than one cup of any kind of new tea per day. Always consult your doctor if you do not feel well during your detox program.


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