Use Tarragon in Your Healthy Snacks

Tarragon has been a cherished spice of the western world for centuries. With it’s mild, slightly anise flavor, it makes a wonderful addition to your homemade healthy snacks.

Creamy Dip for Crudites

One good way to utilize tarragon in snacks is to use it in a dip. A healthy variation of a popular tarragon dip involves using healthy substitutes for high calorie dairy. Replace cream cheese and sour cream with a package Tofutti brand cream cheese substitute, combined with half a cup of plain lo-fat yogurt. This is the creamy base of your dip. To it, you’ll add minced garlic, a tablespoon of fresh tarragon, chopped scallions and a teaspoon of lemon juice. You’ll have a healthy dip for crackers and veggies that has a little kick.

Sesame Tarragon Crackers

The Back to Nature brand makes a delicious and healthy sesame tarragon cracker. The crackers contain no preservative, no cholesterol, and nothing artificial. Eat them alone or use them to add the tasty flavor of tarragon to other dishes. They can be the base of canapes to be served at a party. Or crush them to make a flavorful breading for oven baked chicken fingers. Tarragon crackers are an excellent staple to add to your pantry.

Tarragon Almonds

Tarragon almonds are a delicious marriage of sweet and savory, with a high protein boost to boot. Start with skinned, lightly toasted almonds. Mix them well in a bowl with a very small amount of maple syrup and maple sugar. Add a dash of kosher salt, a turn of the pepper mill, and one tablespoon of fresh tarragon per cup of almonds. The result is a delightful, sweet and salty party pleaser.

There are many different dishes and healthy finger foods that can be livened with the addition of tarragon. Experiment in your own kitchen with this flavorful spice.


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