Use Soccer Fitness Training to Tone Legs

Soccer players have unmistakeably well-toned and muscular legs. The amount of running and soccer fitness training they do to keep their legs in perfect form is responsible for their muscular shape and definition. Soccer players always focus on their legs when they are training because the sport mainly involves the usage of the lower body. You too can use soccer fitness training to tone your legs. Below are a few examples of soccer fitness drills to get your legs in top form.

Soccer Fitness Training Drill #1: Uphill Sprints

Sprinting uphill as fast as you can will not only get your legs into fine form, but it will also give you a fabulous cardiovascular workout. Uphill sprinting develops power and strength in the major leg muscles, which in turn improve tone and definition. Perform this drill by sprinting up to the top of a hill, and jog back down to the bottom. Repeat about five to 10 times, with little rest at the bottom of the hill. The number of times you repeat the uphill run depends on how high the hill is.

Soccer Fitness Training Drill #2: Double Hop

This soccer drill develops power and strength in the legs. Begin by standing with your feet together. Jump up as high as you can while bringing your knees up to your chest as much as possible. There is no rest between hops – once you touch the ground from your previous hop, you should already be launching yourself back into the air. Repeat this between 10 to 30 times.

Soccer Fitness Training Drill #3: Soccer Ball Leaps

This drill involves leaping over a stationary soccer ball. Begin by standing beside a soccer ball. Jump over the soccer ball in a sideways fashion, and continue to leap from side to side over the ball without resting in between leaps. Jumping as high as you can will intensify the drill, and will provide greater results. Calf muscles are also targeted with this drill.

Soccer Fitness Training Drill #4: Slalom Run

Form two separate lines of cones, approximately 10 feet away from each other. Place between eight to 10 cones in each line, separated by approximately five feet. Start at one end of one of the cone lines. Begin dribbling the soccer ball around the cones in chronological order, alternating from one line to the next in a side to side – or back and forth – fashion. This will enhance the tone of your legs while enhancing ball handling skills.

Soccer Fitness Training Drill #5: Suicide Sprints

These involve a series of sprints, each getting progressively shorter. The best place to do this is on an actual soccer field with all the boundaries – including the penalty area and centre line – marked off. Start at the goal line, and sprint to center line and back. Next, sprint to the outside edge of the penalty box and back. The next sprint will be to the penalty spot – the area in the middle of the penalty box where penalty shots are taken – and return back to the goal line. Alternatively, this drill can also be done while handling a soccer ball to increase ball handling skills while toning legs. This drill can be quite exhausting, but it produces results!


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