Unhealthy Indulgences to Avoid While on Vacation

Vacation is a time to indulge and escape from real life–including the healthy eating habits you normally follow. After all, what fun is a vacation if you can’t enjoy some of the more decadent foods you normally refrain from eating? Treating yourself is a good thing, but you have to be mindful of your vacation mentality when it comes to food. Go overboard on the treats and you’ll be working for weeks at the gym to undo the damage. Here are some unhealthy indulgences you should avoid while on vacation.

Avoid Caloric Drinks

A vacation isn’t a vacation until the cocktails and beers are poured. Alcohol consumption tends to increase on vacation–it’s rare that people drink a margarita (or two) every night over the course of a week back at home. It’s all too easy to consume excessive calories when alcohol is involved. The average mixed drink contains around 300 calories. Drink two and you have the caloric equivalent of a dessert! And, caloric vacation drinks aren’t just limited to alcoholic ones–people tend to gravitate toward heavy drinks like smoothies and frappachinos for snacks while away from home.

Do yourself a favor and limit alcohol consumption to one every other night–especially in the case of fruity or blended mixed drinks. If you wish to drink every night, stick to a single beer or glass of wine. As for drinks to have with lunch and dinner, skip the sugary sodas and opt for water or iced tea.

Avoid Fast Food

Especially in the case of vacations where traveling by car is required, fast food consumption becomes prevalent. Even in the airport, grabbing a quick bite at the Taco Bell or Burger King is all too tempting. Fast food isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you make good choices. If you stop for a bite, skip the french fries and the Big Mac. Try to select a fast food restaurant that offers healthy choices. At Wendy’s, for instance, you can enjoy a chili or a baked potato with a side salad. Chicken sandwiches are also a good option. If you’re craving a juicy burger, go with the smallest one on the menu to satisfy your taste buds and grab a piece of fruit to eat alongside with it.

Avoid Desserts Every Night

Thinking of a vacation as a time to indulge can be tricky. It’s easy to give into the temptation of a delicious piece of cheese cake or a cup of mousse every evening. Try to limit dessert consumption to one every other night. Even then, share the dessert with your vacation partner. A few bites will be enough to satisfy you when eaten slowly. If you absolutely feel the need to indulge after every dinner, skip the alcohol. The calories really begin to add up when you’re consuming a 500-calorie dessert with a fruity 300-calorie martini.

Try to find a balance while on vacation. You shouldn’t have to skip the cake and wine completely, but you also should be mindful of the consequences of overeating these foods. Enjoy a little bit here and there just like you would at home. You’ll be happier when you return to real life!


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